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Do You Need More Hydration?

Oral I.V. Product Review & Hydration Tips If you live in Florida, like me, you know how insanely hot and humid it’s been lately – and running in the heat is tough on the body. (This is a pic of me & my BFF at the top of one of the bridges we run on …

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Workout Motivation: It Gets Better

People often ask us in BCx Boot Camp if it gets any easier. My answer is NO – it gets better, but not easier. The stronger you get, the harder you work. You jump higher, squat deeper, lift heavier. That’s why 20 different people, all at different fitness levels, can all leave completely exhausted and …

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6 Signs Your Workout Needs a Detour

Know When To Change Directions After I hurt my ankle earlier this year, I had to completely change my workout routine. Since running regularly was out, I needed to figure out another way to challenge my cardio and burn calories. In addition, my workouts were really lacking intensity. Over the last couple of months, I’ve …

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Easy Recipe for the Perfect Workout

When Steve really likes a workout, he calls it “YUMMY”. Well I have a sweat sandwich that you are going to LOVE! It may not sound very tasty, but the results sure are yummy – and who doesn’t like a recipe with only 5 ingredients? I do! I’m all about simple – and that goes …

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LEGelicious Workout

Here was my workout yesterday. It was a great workout – left me dripping in sweat and feeling great! Of course I would have said I hated it when I was actually doing it, but that’s how I knew it was going to be good! lol Enjoy! •  15 Barbell Overhead Squat •  15 Plyo Box …

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The Joker Workout: It’s All in the Cards

Grab a deck of cards and get ready for an awesome workout! Whether it’s just you and a workout buddy or a class – playing with a deck of cards is a great way to work up a sweat. Workout Description: Shuffle the deck and split the deck in half. If you are working out …

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No More Crappy Workouts: 5 Rules to Train By

Many people show up to the gym day after day to go through the same old routine that never changes their body. What baffles me is why anyone would KEEP showing up if they aren’t getting results or change. Is it because they don’t really have goals? Is it because they  don’t realize their potential? …

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10 Low-to-No Impact Exercises

So you have a hurt knee, a bum hip, tennis elbow, a bad heart and crippled feet. Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the idea here is this: even with limitations you can STILL do SOMETHING. As a gym owner, I hate it when I get a doctor’s note saying someone can no longer …

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Booties and Hammies – Workout & Training Tips

This was my workout today with Max chica, Lindsey Fleisher, today. The emphasis for today’s workout was glutes and hamstrings, but we were also working the inner thigh, quads and a bit of core too. First, I started out with overhead squats to loosen my tight muscles up from doing quads on Monday. It’s a …

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Are Your Power Walks POWERful? 8 Tips to Improve

I was running the other day and ran past a middle-aged woman (side note: I love how “middle-aged people” continue to get older as I get older. ha!). Anyway, so I say good morning (because that’s how I roll) and she mouthed something. This was my cue to stop, take off one of my earphones …

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