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Workout Motivation: It Gets Better

it gets betterPeople often ask us in BCx Boot Camp if it gets any easier. My answer is NO – it gets better, but not easier. The stronger you get, the harder you work. You jump higher, squat deeper, lift heavier. That’s why 20 different people, all at different fitness levels, can all leave completely exhausted and have an equally great workout.

Just remember, it does get better. The better part is from you experiencing improved strength and stamina. It gets better because it’s a lot more fun to put yourself through a brutal workout when your waist is getting smaller and the numbers are dropping on the scale. It gets better as you learn to improve each exercise and gain confidence with each workout. It gets better because you are rarely ever as sore as that first week of boot camp. Your body learns to heal faster and recover faster. And the more you do it, and do it well, the more fun you have because people have more fun when they are getting better.

So, while it really may not ever get any easier, it really does get better!

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