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The Joker Workout: It’s All in the Cards

the joker workoutGrab a deck of cards and get ready for an awesome workout! Whether it’s just you and a workout buddy or a class – playing with a deck of cards is a great way to work up a sweat.

Workout Description: Shuffle the deck and split the deck in half. If you are working out with a group, split the group in 2 teams, Team A & Team B (or just split the cards between workout partners, Partner A & Partner B). A draws first and completes the appropriate exercise based on the card type. While A rests, B draws a card. Continue until you run out of cards.

Turn it into a game. Each Team/Partner gets their equal set of cards and begins drawing cards at the same time. The person to run out of cards first, wins. Loser gets 25 penalty burpees.


  • Number cards represent reps, 1 (Ace) -10 repetitions
  • Face Cards Represent 15 repetitions
  • Joker Card represents REST for the team pulling the card, & 15 Burpees for the OPPOSING Team

Exercises (click on link to view exercise)

Here are a few pics of our class doing this workout…

boot camp    20130723_182033  20130723_182423 20130723_182913


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