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Know Your Body’s Budget

If you can balance your bank account, you can balance your body account. Our weight is the result of caloric checks and balances. It takes a little time, discipline and mathematics, but the reward outweighs the work. In my article at Answers.com today, I share 3 ways to to manage your weight: 1. ) Learn …

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Are You Really Exercising? Ask Your Heart!

There is a fine line between exercise and increased activity. Someone can walk everyday and still not exercise enough to help them lose weight. Although increasing activity can improve your health, it is not as effective when it comes to weight loss. What is the difference between exercise and activity?   A good example for …

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Eating Healthy Isn’t Enough

If I had a nickel for everyone struggling with their weight who responds with “I eat really healthy” when I ask them how many calories they eat. What that means is – they have no clue how many calories they are eating.  But they want me to know how clean they eat and how hard …

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Food Prep Basics for Healthy Cooking

Many of you know Sundays are food prep days at the Pfiesters. I love to cook! I also love to eat! But, since I don’t LOVE to workout, that means I need manage what I eat very closely so I don’t have to workout any more than I have to! ha! If I want to …

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8 Great Calorie-Saving Coffee Tips

When I was young, my mom and dad played in a band. As a result, they were asked to write jingles for various companies. One of the most memorable jingles was for a national Dunkin’ Donuts ad campaign. I remember walking through the mall, before the satellite radio days, and hearing my dad sing “when …

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Dining on a Diet: 4 Easy Mistakes

One of the things I like to do is share my stupid mistakes so YOU don’t REPEAT THEM! Yep, I am not afraid to tell you just how bad I blew it. I may be a fitness professional, and although I know a lot about nutrition, calories and weight management, I still make poor choices …

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The Cost of Living: A New Way to Look at Dieting

We live by rules in every part of our life – finances, marriage, work and government, to name of few. But, we expect NOT to live by rules when it comes to food. For some reason we think those kind of rules are bad, unhealthy, limiting, no fun, unfair, damaging and inconvenient. Why would it …

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Best Diet Tip of All Time

A FIVE GUYS burger with fries = 1,460 CALORIES. That could take 14 MILES to WALK OR RUN OFF! Know what it takes to erase extra calories: 1 Tall Salted Caramel Latte  = 1 Hour Power Walk 1 Side of Chili’s Cole Slaw = 1 Hour of Yoga Side of Ranch Dressing at Subway = 3 Mile Jog 1 …

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Stop the Fatcation: 6 Tips to Prevent Vaca Weight Gain

Fatcation: /fatˈkāSHən/ (n) While on vacation, you do more getting fat than sightseeing. I just got back from a fatcation, I mean vacation. Vacations can be scary for dieters, but just because you go on vacation doesn’t mean you have to take a fitness vacation too. You can still have a ton of fun, try new foods and …

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Why Losing Weight Gets Harder as You Get Thinner

When someone starts a new diet and workout routine they often feel the have a disadvantage but, when someone is overweight, they have more going for them than they think. On the flips side, thinner people actually tend to struggle with weight loss as the get closer to their goal weight. Here are 4 things …

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