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Christmas Gift Ideas for Fit Friends

christmas giftsMerry Fitness!!

It’s already that time of year to start Christmas shopping! I hate to break it to you, if you want to get something special, you need to start planning and shopping now – especially if you want to get something that is custom and unique.

Get ready to start shopping right where you are, thanks to a few awesome sites!

Swift Sneakers1. Monogramed Sneakers

I ordered these Monogram Swift Sneakers from Shop I Love Jewelry and I absolutely LOVE them!! They slip on like slippers and are super light and cozy. This is also a perfect example of why you need to shop early too. Monogramed products are custom and require a few weeks to make and ship. These sneakers took a while to get here but ,TRUST ME, they were worth the wait! They have all the bling and shine and they look amazing on! I get compliments on them every time I wear them. This is just one of those things that prove the best things in life are worth waiting for. Cost: $38.00

Shields of strength jewelry2. Shield’s of Strength Jewelry

I have bought a ton of fitness jewelry, but this line of jewelry rises above all the rest I’ve seen. The quality is amazing and this particular piece here is what I got last Christmas and it is STILL around my neck. That’s why this is on my list again this year.

Their stainless steel jewelry has a nice high shine on it that really sparkles and looks extra classy. This particular piece, the Plate Weight for women, features a shiny trim contrasted against brushed silver parts with Swarovski® crystals along the trim. I hope to get the matching earrings and ring next! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

While this piece may be a bit more pricey, they have great specials often and also have more affordable pieces too. Sign up for their newsletter to be the first to hear about their discounts. Cost: $149.99

fabletics3. Fabletics

This gift is a brilliant gift – especially for the wifey! (MEN: TAKE NOTE!!) You don’t have to try to match up an outfit and you don’t even have to get out of the house and shop. You can get your sweetheart a subscription to Fableitcs, Kate Hudson’s fitness line, and SHE can choose what she likes each month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Each month, they feature brand new high style outfits. She can buy one of the featured outfits for her special VIP price or piece together her own. She can even skip a month if she doesn’t see anything that suits her. It’s one of the best subscription sites I’ve personally used and their quality is awesome. You get super fashionable outfits that last. I get so many compliments on my outfits! These pants (right) are my newest pick! They are awesome!!! Cost: $49/outfit and up.

4. Mantra Bands

mantra bandsOne of my nutrition clients bought me 2 Mantra Bands as a thank you gift and I haven’t taken them off since. The quotes she chose for me were “Faith Hope Love” and “Trust the Journey”. Since then, I got another one for me and one for Steve that says “Anything Is Possible”.

Not only do they have a mantra for everyone, their unique cuff design makes them super comfortable, with an open side so they don’t bother you when you are typing on the computer or lifting weights. The come in silver, gold, rose gold and flat black (which is what I got Steve). Even though I wear them every day, and even in the shower, they have not lost their luster and they look just as good as the day I got them.

HINT: Subscribe to this blog to be the first to hear about my upcoming Mantra Band giveaway!! Cost: $35 and up, depending on color.

gym bag essentials 5. Custom Gym Bag Gift Set

Every gym goer appreciates all the extra support they can get and is alway looking for fun goodies to make their workouts more exciting and effective.

Some of those goodies can be as practical as a water bottle and sports towel or as fun as cute hair ties and headphones. Instead of feeling the pressure to buy one big item, make a fun gift bag stuffed with hand-picked items they are sure to use and love.

I personally have certain items that never leave my gym bag. Here is a list of what’s in my bag to help give you some shopping ideas. Cost: $5+

15 Gym Bag Gift Ideas

I hope these help give you some good gift ideas for Christmas this year! I have more to come so stay tuned!


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