DAY 13: Doing a Lot Right (and a Lot Wrong)

There is something in our nature that causes us to try to figure out how much we can get away with without getting in trouble – especially when it comes to fitness. In the case of wrong vs right, most people are losing.

Wrong Way


Do you like to push the limits and live outside the boundaries? Maybe you think rules don’t apply to you sometimes. I’m pretty conservative. If there is a sign that says “No U-Turn”, I don’t do a U-Turn. I don’t want to get in trouble and don’t like the stress that goes with breaking rules. With that said, I do still push the limits in other areas of life just like most people, especially if I don’t think anyone will notice.

What Can I Get Away With?

When it comes to wrong vs right, people often are so focused on everything they are willing to do right, they don’t really want to think about what they are still doing wrong. In fact, they are often still scheming up ways to keep the wrong stuff going in hopes the right stuff will make up for it.

For instance, they may think to themselves. “what is the least amount of work I can do and still get results“? Or, “how can I lose weight and still eat chocolate?” We have all had that mindset to some degree.

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No one likes giving up stuff. We don’t mind working more, but “don’t take away my (fill in the blank)“. In attempt to have our cake and eat it too, we try to figure out ways to keep the stuff we don’t want to give up.

Here is one diet-related example. new dieters often start their diet off searching recipes for ways to get their favorite food in. They look for new ways to make healthy pizza, high-protein pancakes or low-sugar brownies. While this isn’t a bad idea entirely, it is probably best to just get some of that junk out of your head (and your pantry) when starting a new diet.

Although food and beverage often gets the most attention, for others it’s money, freedom, food, time or energy. Either way, even if you are doing a lot right, there may be something you are still doing wrong that is preventing you from reaching your full potential.

The Balancing Act?

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I’m not saying it’s bad to have pizza, but your relationship with that pizza may be bad. If we are so fixated on holding on to a certain food or lifestyle, it’s actually our mental state that is unhealthy, not the food itself.

We need to quit pursuing ways to fit our unhealthy habits in our new healthy lifestyle. In reality, if some of those things (or our relationship with those things) are the reason we got in bad shape to begin with, shouldn’t we RUN from them? I know, easier said than done.

This year, instead of spending so much time and energy trying to figure out ways to fit in your old habits, let’s focus on how to start new healthy habits. Your success depends on it – because you can still do a lot right, and not get the results you want because you are still doing a lot wrong.

Wrong Vs. Right

Scripture of the Day:

“All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be enslaved by anything.” – 1 Corinthians 6:12

Mantra of the Day:

Success depends not just on what you are willing to do wright, but what you are willing to stop doing wrong. – Bonnie Pfiester

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