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The Hurricane Blew My Diet: 5 Tips to Repair the Damage

hurricane matthew memeSo most of you have been following Hurricane Matthew as it rolled up the east coast. I was flooded with so many posts and messages from my friends and followers, expressing your concern. Before I start addressing the damage that Matthew left behind, I just have to thank you for your prayers. We were SO blessed, which such little damage here in Vero. So THANK YOU!!

“Matthew! It’s OVER!”

The biggest issue with Hurricane Matthew was not the power outages in the middle of the storm, or the wind or the rain. It was the aftermath – and I’m not just talking about the yard debris. I’m talking about what that storm did to my diet!  OMG! I had my fill of “non-perishables!”  HA!

buying junk foodWhat is it about holidays or events like this that make you feel like you have a hall pass to take a break from healthy eating? Steve teased that if he was going out, he was going to go out with a smile on his face and a fist full of Oreo cookies. LOL!

Granted, the hurricane did come the week after our final competition for the year so we were off our strict diet for the first time in months. But, I am learning that when you get off your diet completely, with no limitations on what you eat, you are really never satisfied. However, when I am on a diet, even a rice cake and teaspoon of peanut butter tastes SO GOOD!

body aches sugar inflammationIn addition to the lack of real satisfaction I get when I do go crazy with my eating, my body hurts. I have so much inflammation in my body right now (mainly from sugar) after eating cookies and crap I normally don’t eat. If I always ate like this, I wouldn’t notice the difference. However, because I normally eat clean, my body is like “WHAT IS GOING ON?!” I feel like one big body ache!

Finally, I realize just how easy it is to seemingly blow weeks and months of hard work. This feeling of failure can cause you to want to give up or give in even more. But, the truth is, I know I’lll feel like a million bucks in just a few days of eating clean and training again, even if it feels hopeless.

Clean It Up

hurricane matthew aftermathYou can easily clean up your diet and get your body back to normal much sooner than you think.

1. Stop the cycle of bad eating.

The hurricane (holiday, wedding, vacation, birthday, etc) is over. Now your bad eating also must end. This is the hardest part; to say “no”.

2. Start the clean up.

What do you do when you clean up your yard after a storm? You get rid of all the dead stuff and the same goes with your diet. Get rid of all the food that is “dead food”, meaning it does nothing good for you.

3. Replace the bad with good.

It’s time to plant healthy stuff in your kitchen. In other words, it’s time to grocery shop.

Bonnie Pfiester4. Start the repairs.

Eating right is always the most important component to weight loss, but the next vital component is exercise. You know the yard doesn’t just clean up itself. Clean up requires work – and if you are like me, you have a LOT of cleaning up to do!

You may need to get a few tools to make repairs. Whether that’s a gym membership or some fitness equipment, you must invest in your “property” and take care of it, whether that be time or money.

You are worth the investment – and the hard work WILL pay off!

5. Plan to maintain it.

I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is they use diet and exercise to clean up their messy eating habits over the years, but once they get their body in shape they stop working. Staying healthy requires some maintenance, just like that yard of yours. Steve and Bonnie Pfiester

While maintenance doesn’t require as much work as actual weight loss, it still requires a commitment so be ready for it. Plan to make healthy eating and exercise a lifestyle – not just a weekend DIY project.

Honestly, even if you gained a few pounds while you were cooped up inside your house, you can easily lose 2lbs a week by following these steps and you’ll be back on track in just a matter of a couple of weeks.

So, don’t be too mad at yourself. You are human and I’m thankful for these experiences because I learn a little more about by myself every time I mess up which makes me stronger (and I hope a little wiser!) every time!



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