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SLOW SUICIDE: It’s Addictive, Poisonous and You Eat It Every Day

An in-depth (but simple) blog on a secret killer in almost every kitchen.

Steve PfiesterMany people don’t realize how bad they feel until they realize how good they feel after they change their diet. It could be because you are eating poison and just don’t know it.

Steve experienced this firsthand when he did the TV show Fit To Fat To Fit. His whole body ached. He developed severe plantar fasciitis and was walking in a boot by the end of the weight gain portion of the show. He was icing joints and hurting all the time. Why? He started adding a potent poison to his diet and didn’t even realize it. He started eating sugar.

Steve struggled to gain the weight by just increase fatty foods. In effort to gain weight faster (part of the premise of the show), he started increasing sugar. He began drinking real sodas with his meals. He ate pancakes with his Egg McMuffins for breakfast. He poured on BBQ sauce, ketchup and salad dressings loaded with high-fructose corn syrup on every food he consumed. He even resorted to drinking chocolate milk with his nightly sweet treats to rack up even more calories. And it worked. He gained 50lbs in four short months – and it hurt more than his pride. He physically hurt.

fit to fat to fit

However, as SOON as he started eating clean and tossed the sugar, his pain went away. We were shocked. It literally happened overnight. He had no idea just how poisonous sugar was until he experienced it himself.

While I would not expect such a radical change with that kind of instant relief for everyone, I am convinced that your body will feel a million times better if you give it better fuel. I was reminded of that after the Hurricane Matthew wrecked my own diet (yes, I’m blaming my poor eating choices on the hurricane. LOL!).

body-painIn just a matter of days, I went from feeling amazing to feeling like a crippled old woman. I hardly could sleep because my back and shoulders was hurting so bad. I had been battling tendinitis in my elbow, but it became excruciating after I fed my body foods that increase inflammation (sugar). The joints in my feet were killing me and I resorted to popping Ibuprofen to give me some temporary relief.

I knew this was all diet related because it was the only thing I had changed. I was eating a lot more processed foods (you know us hurricane survivors are supposed to stock up on non-perishables! LOL!)  It’s not like I was eating a ton of sweets, but sugar is not just in “sweets”.

Check it out. Below are some infographics I collected to help educate the public on where sugar hides, what sugar does and how sugar is affecting our country – and ultimately, affecting you and I. Please, PLEASE take the time to look this over and watch at least one of the videos I included in this blog. I want to make a difference in your life. Sugar truly is poison.

In this blog I address:

1. Where sugar hides
2. What sugar does to our body
3. How addicting sugar is
4. How much sugar you consume
5. The link between sugar and obesity
6. How to detox, lose weight and reduce pain

Hidden Sugar Poison

Everyone knows donuts are bad for you, but what about yogurt or oatmeal? Do you ever think about those foods having MORE sugar than a donut? Well, they do. Take a look.

Foods high in sugar

Learn How to Spot Hidden Sugar Poison

Sugar isn’t always obvious to find on food labels. It has many aliases. Here is a list by Women’s Health.


Did you know?

 Sugar, this is 3rd ingredient in McDonald’s french fries, after potatoes and oil.

Why? “Sugar makes it taste better and it also increases addiction and cravings”, Cristina Goyanes explains on No wonder those are my favorite fries! The Business Insider quotes Koko Neher (the production planner at the Simplot factory) saying the sugar is to “make sure we get a consistent color no matter what time of the year it is.”  Hmmmmm

Sugar is simply addicting. It leaves us wanting more, so we buy more and we eat more. We are literally drug addicts enslaved to this poison and few people are doing anything about it. Why? Because there are a LOT of big businesses that can’t afford for this information to get out. It truly is a conspiracy – but the truth WILL come out. (Watch Fed Up!)

Sugar Poison is 8 Times MORE Addictive Than Cocaine

Who would think we could be addicted to something that is so poisonous to our body! This isn’t my opinion or hearsay. Research has proved it. Check out this study on lab rats.


The New Kind of  Drug Dealer

corporate drug dealerWe would be outraged if Coke still secretly putting cocaine in their drinks like the originally did (Yes, they DID put cocaine in their original formula, but Coca-cola was originally labeled as a medicinal product.) We don’t want companies spiking our foods with drugs, but that’s exactly what they are doing. This is smart business for them, but bad for our health. Do they know what they are doing? I think so! Yet, most people have no idea what is really going on.

Even worse, soda companies pair sugar poison with sodium. The result? Sugar gives us a wonderful immediate satisfaction and energy high. We instantly want more. However, sodium makes us thirsty so we are never satisfied. We are hooked.

We Drink Sugar Poison

drinking poisonIf you don’t eat it or you don’t drink sodas, you still could be drinking more sugar poison than you think. Do you drink orange juice? How about a martini or glass of wine? What are you getting at Starbucks? Do you drink pre-workout drinks or energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull?

So, even if you don’t drink soda, sweet tea, coffee, alcohol or energy drinks, what about your family? People often give their kids food and drinks they would never drink. Why? If it’s not good for you, why would you think it’s OK for your kids?

Would you knowingly feed your kids poison? Well, if they drink fruit juice, boxed drinks, soda, chocolate milk or gatorade, you are not only poisoning them but you are getting them addicted to the poison – setting them up for a lifetime of health issues.  Look at the amount of sugar  poison people are drinking.

do you drink sugar?

The American Heart Association recommends:
No more than 6 teaspoons or 100 calories a day of sugar for most women.
No more than 9 teaspoons or 150 calories a day for most men.


Cut out one 12-ounce coke a day and you can lose 15 pounds in a year.

We basically prostitute our health for a little short-term pleasure. In the meantime, we make these companies richer as we get poorer, spending even more money to lose weight, get fit and combat the health side affects caused by sugar. These companies are literally killing us in more ways than one.

Look at all the health issues that are linked with eating too much sugar.

Sugar is Unhealthy Poison

You Eat 35lbs of This Kind of HFCS Poison a Year

I’m talking about high fructose corn syrup. It’s in bread, crackers, condiments, protein bars, cereal, salad dressings…the list goes on and on! And, this one ingredient has slipped under the radar for too long.  * Watch the Skinny on Obesity (below) where Dr. Lustig goes into great scientific detail of why this is the most poisonous thing we can put in our body.


Why Obesity is On the Rise

severe-obesityWhy is obesity on the rise when fitness seems to also be on the rise? Sugar is on the rise. While we have reduction in low-fat items and an increase in gyms popping up on every corner, we continue to have more and more soft drinks and processed foods hitting shelves. What use to be a once a week trip to a soda shop for an 8 ounce pop has turned into a daily bad habit. Whether you drink sodas or lattes, we drink more sugar and we eat more hidden sugar than ever – even while trying to lose weight.

Sugar can also make us hungrier so we end up eating more. Since liquid calories don’t leave us feeling full, we tend to eat more, even after drinking a high-calorie beverage. One study showed kids who drank a soda before eating a meal actually ate more food than those who didn’t drink soda prior to eating. So, soda gives us a double whammy. It adds more calories and it can also add to our hunger.

Did You Know?

Many low fat and fat free foods have MORE sugar than foods with regular fat content. 



Notice how much MORE High Fructose Corn Syrup the US consumes?

5 Tips to Reduce Sugar Poison & Improve Health

1. Get rid of liquid sugars (juice, sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks)

2. Reduce or remove foods with fructose corn syrup (condiments, dressing, snacks, yogurt, bread, etc.)

3. Eat your carbohydrates with fiber (this reduces carbohydrate absorption)

4. Eat slower and wait 20 minutes before eating seconds or dessert (this allows your hunger receptors time  to recognize you are full)

5. Exercise (brings insulin levels down, it reduces stress and stress eating, and it burns off the sugar before it turns into fat)

Detox in Just 10 Days

It’s not enough to just “cut back”. If you found out you were literally eating poison every day, would you really still try to have just a little poison every once in a while? No, you would get rid of ALL the poison in your house.

The good news is it takes only 10 DAYS to detox from sugar!!! Anyone can do anything for only 10 days, right? In just 10 days you can kick the withdrawals, you can improve your health and get the poison out of your system. Dr. Hyman (also an expert interviewed in the Fed Up movie) explains how. Follow Mark Hyman, MD on facebook.


Learn More

Does this blog leave you wanting more information? More facts? More help? Here are 2 really great videos on sugar – from conspiracies to statistics many brands and public officials don’t want you to know.

If you want to reduce pain, improve your health and lose weight, you really should invest the time to watch these videos and get the education you need to make choices that can change your life and your family forever.

Fed Up with by Katie Couric & Laurie David – Conspiracy, Secrets and Shocking Facts about Sugar (Available on Netflix)

Follow Fed Up on facebook for more facts and important informtion you need to know.

Sugar: “The Skinny on Obesity” with Dr. Lustig at UCSF

This is for all you guys who love facts, statistics and science. Dr. Robert H. Lustig goes in to great depth in this enlightening lecture on the devastating affects of sugar, especially fructose. Dr. Lustig is an American pediatric endocrinologist and a Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where he specializes in neuroendocrinology and childhood obesity. He is also director of UCSF’s WATCH program (Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health), and president and co-founder of the non-profit Institute for Responsible Nutrition. So don’t take it from me – get the facts from people WAY smarter than me! 😉 Follow him on facebook.


People need to know what is hurting them. If you love your friends and family, and you believe in making a positive impact on others, then share this with your followers and friends. It could save someone’s life. <3


Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


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