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JAN 26: Don’t Let Fat Win!

fat will surrender I wish I knew why people all the sudden get amazing results after years of “trying”. The only thing I can attribute that too is pure determination and commitment. The good news is, if you have failed a million times before, you can still win this time.

No matter how many times you have joined a gym and stopped after the first month. No matter how many times you started a diet that only lasted a few weeks. No matter how many things you have tried, THIS TIME can be the time fat surrenders.

Are You Kidding Me?

Think about what we let get in our way. A little short-term comfort? Something we can taste for only a few minutes or seconds? Are we really going to let food, and whatever other excuse we may have, have that much power over us?

Food is great, but we shouldn’t be enslaved to it. We all have ailments, but we shouldn’t let the hold us back from doing something. We all have excuses – and even legitimate ones, but we don’t have to use them.

Make this year the year you get serious. The year you quit allowing your flesh to beat you. Take authority over your body! Take God’s lead, when He says “deny your flesh”. He’s no dummy! He knows how much trouble we can get in if we let it have everything it wants.

I’m praying this is the year you reach your goals and are able to encourage others to do the same.

Tasha and Steve struggled just like anyone else. Tasha didn’t need a trainer. She needed someone to believe in her and to simply hold her accountable. You can have that in a workout partner or even an online buddy – and so many people do it without anyone or anything to help them. For Tasha, one of her #1 motivators was her mom. While her mom is no longer with her, she wanted to make her mom proud and she used that to push her through the tough times.

Find your motivation. Be your motivation. Do it for you.

You Can Do This!

  1. Do BCx Online (under the Get Sweaty tab at the top of my blog) & I’ll root you on!
  2. Get my Get Pfit Handbook if you don’t know how to lose weight and diet.
  3. Join LiveExercise for fresh new workouts online and to join a community of workout partners.
  4. Join a gym if you can – but if not, start investing in some home gym gear at Dick’s Sporting Goods. (We are running a special at our gym right now!)
  5. Never, ever, EVER give up!

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