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BCx Boot Camp, 4-Week Online Program

Heather before and afterWelcome to BCx! We designed this killer four-week, boot camp program for people who want to get extreme results who can’t take our program here in Vero Beach, Florida.

Anyone can do anything for 4 weeks right? RIGHT! Yes, you can do this! If you want to get lean, get strong, get fit and get amazing results, you want to put this program to the test. Believe me, it works. We have had MANY people lose 20-70lbs following our program (this workout and our Get Pfit workbook).

The program uses minimal tools, using mostly bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere. If you decide to do this program, the journey you’re about to take with us will be challenging. You will sweat, you will scream, you may even cry but you’ll be so happy you did. If you promise to give us 100% (do the workouts and do what you learn in the workbook), we can guarantee a total transformation.

Each fast-paced workout combines a variety of training techniques that test your agility, balance, strength, and cardio capacity. Rest? There’s little time for that! Four weeks from today, you can expect to look and feel transformed into a true athlete, inside and out. Just getting back in the game? It’s easy to modify BCx™ to your fitness level and goals. OK—enough talk. Let’s get to work! First, let’s work on your mind…

Getting Your Brain Ready for Success!

#1 Get the knowledge you need.

Get pFIT HandbookIf you want to succeed, you have to understand your body in a new way so you can take control of your body once and for all.

The Handbook Addresses:

• Mental Road Blocks

• Basic Diet and Nutrition

• Understanding Calories

• Setting Realistic Goals

• Metabolism

• Protein, Fat & Carbs

• How to Burn More Calories

• And Much More

Get my ebook this month for only $4.99 to get the most out of this 4-week program.


Get Prepared for Success

This 4-Week BCx Boot Camp program was designed for Sears’ FitStudio. We created these videos to help their members start off on the right foot. We hope it helps you too!

Understanding The Scale: Fat vs Muscle

Understanding Calories IN vs Calories OUT

#2 Get the Workouts.

Here is the format for your next 4 weeks. To go straight to your workout from our home page, simply hover over 4-Week Boot Camp and choose your workout or bookmark this page. Each day you will have several workout “Missions” to tackle. Do as many of them as you can. If you can do them all, that is great. If you are new to fitness, just do what you can. Anything is better than nothing at all.

NOTE: PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE DOING THE PROGRAM. #pfitblog or #DoBCx, tag me @bonniepfiester and reach out to me as much as possible. Also, tell EVERYONE!! The more people that know you are doing this, the more accountability you have – and the more chance you have to succeed!

Day 1 MONDAY – Lower Body

Day 2 TUESDAY – Upper Body

Day 3 WEDNESDAY – Cardio & Conditioning

Day 4 THURSDAY – Lower Body

Day 5 FRIDAY Upper Body

Day 6 WEEKEND Bonus Workout OR do BCx on LiveExercise.com


Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.

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