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JAN 17: 20 Diet Tips To Shrink Your Waistline

foodYou don’t have to eat perfect understand nutrition to get results, you just need to eat better. here are my top 20 diet tips to reduce calories and improve your waistline.

  1. Limit meals to 350-450 calories
  2. Limit snacks between 150-200 calories.
  3. Eat 5-6 small snacks or meals a day.
  4. Keep meals and snacks to 2-3 hours apart. Another words, don’t eat a meal & be tempted to snack 30 minutes later.
  5. Serve meals on small salad plates instead of large dinner plates.
  6. Share a meal, or put the other half of your meal in a to-go box, when eating out.
  7. Limit processed foods like pasta, breads, cereals and instant rice.
  8. Drink one large glass of water before each meal. 
  9. Limit casseroles and other multi-ingredient meals.
  10. Don’t eat more than the size of your fist at any one sitting.
  11. Limit, or eliminate, alcohol and sodas.
  12. Try to get 100gms of protein a day.
  13. Count calories for the learning experience.
  14. Choose low-fat foods over fat-free options.
  15. Use Stevia instead of sugar, honey or other sugar substitutes.
  16. Eat more dark green vegetables than white vegetables and grains.
  17. Choose only one high-calorie item on salads (like cheese or nuts).
  18. Reduce carbohydrates and increase good fats. Fats like avocado, nuts, olive oil and fish oil help keep you energized and feeling full.
  19. Read labels, paying close attention to serving size.
  20. If you are splurging, don’t eat in one sitting what you can’t burn in one hour. (A maximum of around 500-700 calories)

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