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28gm Protein Cereal

If you have been making protein shakes for as many years as I have, you start thinking of creative ways to get your protein powder in your stomach other than a traditional shake. Sadly, so many “protein recipes” are either really high in calories or they are not as high in protein as I’d like.

For instance, protein peanut butter balls are more fat and carbs than protein. Yes, they are incredibly yummy, but not really a true high-protein food. Protein pancakes are much better, depending on you you make them, but they too can end up not being as high in protein as you really hoped for if you mix the protein powder with too many other ingredients. Then it hit me! Why not mix protein with your milk and pour it over cereal?!

Silk Vanilla Soy Milk
Adaptogen Whey Vanilla Protein
Fresh Strawberries
Kellog’s Low Fat Granola

Blend 1 scoop of Adaptogen vanilla protein with one cup of milk (I used vanilla soy milk, but you can use unsweetened vanilla Almond milk which I also love, or even water if you are really watching calories). Slice 4 strawberries into slivers and then cut those slivers in halves to have a chunk of strawberry in each bite. Add 1/3 cup low fat granola and pour the protein milk on top for a deliciously sweet high-protein cereal.

Protein Cereal with Soy Milk:
392 Calories & 28gm protein

Protein Cereal with Almond Milk:
332 Calories & 24gm protein

Protein Cereal with Water:
292 Calories & 23gms protein

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