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Strong Muscles, Weak Faith

Faith MusclesThe only way to get our muscles to grow is to USE them. It requires effort. If we want to gain muscle mass it requires us lifting HEAVIER things, working HARDER than we currently are. Over time, the things that once seemed impossible & challenging are much easier.

The same goes with our faith. Whether it’s faith in people or faith in God, faith is like a muscle. It only grows if we use it. Once we use it, test it, challenge it and grow it, daily struggles, questions, stress, doubt, all the heavy weights in our life, feel light because of our ever-growing stronger faith.

Weak Faith

faithToday I write on faith, because faith is an important part of our spiritual health. Before you tune me out, continue to read and take what you want from this. Even if you apply it in everyday life with your loved ones. I think there is a message here for anyone – whether you believe in God or not.

Think about it, how healthy can we be if we are fit on the outside, but broken down, insecure and weak on the inside. Even people who don’t believe in God, have a deep desire to have faith in something or someone. They may put their faith in money, a job, a diploma, a spouse, a friend, science, teachers, bosses, politicians or their own physical abilities or taent, but humans are born to want to have faith in something.

paying-off-debtThink of it this way. How often have we said “once I just graduate, or when we can get everything paid off, everything will be much better” That’s faith, faith those things will improve your life. So much so, you will continue to go to school even if it kills you, and you will try to paid down those bills even when you are dying to spend more money. You also have faith your car will stop when you apply the breaks. You trust your debit card will work when you swipe it through the card reader. Why do you have faith in such things? Because you practice it, you’ve tested it over and over again. So, you practice faith already, but it’s time for you to pick up the Big Boy faith weights.

Personal Trainer funnyThe same way a client thinks “there is NO WAY I can lift that” and then they lift it anyway, if we want our faith to get stronger, we have to start trusting God with bigger things. We need to constantly challenge our faith muscles like we do our skeletal muscles. Why does it matter? Many studies have proven people who have faith are healthier. Part of that is a no-brainer. I mean, people who are trying to improve their spiritual life are less likely to destroy their body with drugs or stupidity. They are (should be) more obedient citizens and they are more disciplined. I also believe a lot of the added health benefits is from having more faith.

trustMore faith means less stress. For instance, have you ever had a boyfriend you couldn’t trust? How unhealthy was that relationship for you? I bet you were more stressed, insecure, tired, full of constant doubt, skeptical, thinking the worst all the time, and maybe even downright depressed. However, take the same you in a different relationship where you trust your boyfriend. You feel loved, confident and stress-free….you are relaxed, healthy, rested and at peace. 

What is Faith?

Faith is not a religion. Faith is an action based on what you believe. Faith is defined as “confidence or trust in a person or thing. Complete trust.”

BibleStudyWe have faith in the people who we get to know and love – and that know and love us back. We don’t put much faith in strangers, so how can anyone expect to trust God if He is a stranger to them. A simple fix is to spend more time getting to know our God, and give him the opportunity to prove He is trustworthy – which is proven over time. (God says “…test me in this, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” Malacai 3:10)

As a man in love desires to prove his love to his bride, God desires to show how much he loves us and He can’t do that if we don’t give him a chance and trust Him or get to know him. Once He has won our heart, we will trust Him more – and the more we trust Him (and build those faith muscles), the more our faith will continue to grow stronger.

Doubt, the Faith Killer

doubt-fearBelieve me, we all have our moments of doubt. I know I do, and we do the same things with our loved ones too. We can easily let a window of doubt slip into our thoughts where we wonder if they are trustworthy, or we wonder if they will let us down. That’s normal because we are human. Yet, the only way to truly find out is to continue to trust them and get to know them better.

Unfortunately, this is where we go wrong with God. As soon as we have doubts, we quit. We not only quit trusting Him, but we quit the whole relationship. Can you imagine how crappy our marriages and friendships were if we quit every time we had a doubt or fear? Well, we’d have no friends or marriage for one, but life would also be very lonely and hopeless. 

I challenge you to start training your faith muscles. If you lack faith or don’t believe in God, maybe it’s because God is a stranger. No one can expect you to trust and believe in the unknown.  Take time to get to know Him and trust him more – and watch your faith muscles begin to bulge!  You will not only benefit spiritually, but your body will thank you too!  

Faith Workout

Today Joyce Meyer talked about when she first started working out with what she called little “dog-bone” 3lb weights, and how heavy they felt (this is a pic from her video of her making fun of herself struggling). Yet, now, she lifts 20-25lbs dumbbells (GO JOYCE!) and laughs at how hard those lighter weights once were. 

joyce meyer

As our faith grows, things in life that were once difficult to have faith through are like those dog-bone weights. You will be able to carry heavy loads in life with ease and enjoy the victory of experiencing strength in the Lord. CLICK HERE to watch her awesome teaching on faith. 

“I can do all things in Christ who STRENGTHENS me.” Philippians 4:13

Don’t you want to be STRONGER – inside AND out? I know I do!

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Build Your Faith Muscles

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  • Lakesha Christian

    Thanks Bonnie for all of your words of encouragement. Prior to yesterday I hadn’t worked out probably since June 2013. But after scrolling through and reading your blog I received a burst of motivation. So I went home and popped in a Yoga DVD that I checked out from the Library (I’ve probably had that DVD for about 2-3 weeks). I felt so good afterward. I can’t wait to do it again today. I really want to work on my neck, shoulders and back. I look at women in their 40’s and I see the love handles as well as gravity taking place. I’m 32 and I don’t want to ever look like that. So I’m going to keep scrolling through your blog to find some shoulder, arm and back work-outs that I can stick too. I have some 15lb dumbbell type weights at home. Oh and by the way….I’m feeling those Crossfit socks with the bright colorful sneakers….so cute. I love that you can be cute and workout too. You have given me an idea….I’ve never seen anyone workout with that much style. I’m getting some of those socks. I’ll be in touch. Thanks again.

  • cat4manCathy

    God has a sense of humor! I have responded to some of your other blogs so you might remember my story…I was obese at 257 pounds and diagnosed with diabetes a year and 3 months ago. I decided I wasn’t gonna live that way and went to a nutritionist and started walking (23 min. mile and yes that was 1….lol I just did a 5k run for the fallen Sat. in 37 min.) I have 30 pounds left to lose and it has been a huge struggle. I had worked on all the “physical” with the tracking of food to meeting with a trainer 2-3 times a week and cardio everyday except Sunday but i am still struggling with these last pounds. It seems as if they don’t want to come off! My faith has been a huge part of the success, but I have been hanging on to the the last bit, if that makes sense. Sunday, I got the same type of message as your blog, and my pastor said this, “the faith of men causes people to react. When we take those great leaps of faith – things happen!” I had been wrestling with the idea of fasting because food isn’t the problem for me, it’s the flesh that wants the junk. (I’m like an addict with some things) 1Cor.10:31 is my mantra! I went to the Dr. on Monday and because of diligence to eating healthy and exercising this past year I am now off all my Diabetes meds. I am on day 3 of fasting from anything processed. You have played a HUGE role in that unknown to you! I have started my day the last 9 months with my devotional and a Pfit motivational pic. When I would get down or felt defeated your FB posts would pop up on my feed, or I would read your blog so here we are today again with the funny sense of humor God has…..
    I just wanted you to know how instrumental your posts have been in my transformation!, And to my faith is growing as much as my strength!
    Sorry this is such a long post!

  • Day, Donna J

    I like todays post ☺

    Donna J. Davis-Day
    Executive Assistant
    Resource Development and Innovation
    Eastern Iowa Community Colleges
    306 W River Drive
    Davenport, Iowa 52801

  • CT

    Faith in people and things is nothing like faith in God. God will never fail, He will never let you down. Even when it seems like He is letting bad things happen to you, He is working in all things for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). But you can only really trust Him if you know Him, and the only way to really know Him is to read and study the Bible. That’s where He tells us all about His character, His plans, and how He wants us to live.
    Thanks for the post Bonnie 🙂

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