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Rockout Your Workout: 775 Songs to Rock Your Body

Here were the results from the facebook poll… Do you agree or disagree? (comment below)
workout music

I asked my facebook friends what type of music they liked to train to and ROCK was the top music of choice.

So, I did a little research for you to give you some more ideas for your next workout playlist – thanks to Fitness Magazine, Muscle & FitnessJog.FM, and!

AND, I share some more suggestions from my facebook friends at the very bottom of this blog. Let’s ROCK!

A professor specializing in music and exercise once said, “Music is like a legal drug for athletes” and I have to agree – the right music can be more powerful than crack.

3 Ways To Pump Up Your Workouts & Tunes

topRock your workouts with these 3 tips:

 1. Save your workout playlist ONLY for your workouts. This will keep the music fresh, and make that time even more special!

2. Invest in good headphones (my favs are yurbuds). If you have crappy headphones that fall out every other step, or don’t block out outside noise enough, you’ll miss the feeling of being lost in your awesome workout.

 3. Turn the music on (and up) before you even hit the gym or begin your workout at home. This will wake up your mind and get your head in the game before you even start sweating!

Fitness Magazines Top 100 Rock Songs

775 Songs to ROCKEach song on their list is 110 to 188 beats per minute.

Here are the TOP 10:

#1 “This Is War” – Thirty Seconds to Mars (160 BPMs)
This Is War - This Is War

#2 “Dead End Friends” – Them Crooked Vultures (152 BPMs)
Dead End Friends - Them Crooked Vultures (Bonus Track Version)

#3 “All In” – Lifehouse (140 BPMs)
All In - Smoke & Mirrors

#4 “Cousins” – Vampire Weekend (177 BPMs)
Cousins - Cousins - Single

#5 “1983” – Neon Trees (153 BPMs)
1983 - Habits (Bonus Track Version)

woman_running#6 “Get It Right” – Authority Zero (188 BPMs)
Get It Right - Stories of Survival

#7 “I Don’t Wanna Dance” – Hey Monday (146 BPMs)
I Don't Wanna Dance - Beneath It All

#8 “Elevator” – House of Heroes (141 BPMs)
Elevator - Suburba

#9 “Left of Center” – Serj Tankian (160 BPMs)
Left of Center - Left of Center - Single

#10 “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You to) I Want You To” – Weezer (160 BPMs)
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To - (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To - Single

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The other 675 Suggestions:

Muscle & Fitness’s Top 25’s Top 20

Here are some more ideas for songs and bands that can help you sweat! Look what band tends to keep popping up?
 Mandy Renee Stos My newest workout music is In This Moment.
 Thurgood Marshall II Rock, like linkin park…

 Jody Krulic Carlyle Anything by Pitbull!

 Lizzie Requejo-garcia Wolfmother!

 Susan Brenner-Stutsman Ozzy, White Zombie, Tool, Foo Fighters, Eminem, anything metal.

 Shelly Rehberg Toth Anything Pitbull

 Amanda Cole Old school album linkin park did with jay-z

 Cohen Lola Jlo or pitbull

 Sorina Ferrel Angeles 80’s Rock

 Brian Marshall Lose yourself eminem,really gets me fired up!

 Heidi Becker Polkes Jay z, pit bull

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