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40 Workout Songs to Pump Up Your Playlist

Workout PlaylistEarlier this week I asked my facebook friends: “WHAT’S YOUR SONG OF THE WEEK?” – and they ROCKED it! However, I have to admit, most of them are new to me so I need YOUR help!

Each month Designer Whey features a new workout playlist. We will be using some of YOUR favorites for their June’s playlist. What songs do you like? Any on this list? Any we’re missing? What songs REV your ENGINE? Be sure to share YOUR FAVS before you go!

Below are a few of my personal favs, along with some of my facebook friends’ top choices. Meanwhile, I need to start browsing itunes and check out some of their songs and see which ones will need on my next workout playlist!! 🙂

Songs that Move Me

Songs that Move MeWhen I look for a workout song, I want a fast paced, high-energy song that will keep me moving – but words count too. I don’t want to listen to lyrics about heart break or someone’s booty call. I look for words that inspire me, drive me and even correct me. I want to be motivated to be the best I can be – both inside and out.

While I admit I don’t always listen to ALL the words (and sometimes am shocked that I’ve missed some not so nice ones), sometimes even just one simple line, like in Uprising by Muse “we will be victorious” is enough to get me pumped. Or lines like “you’ll find us chasing the sun” by Wanted just makes me want to run faster and chase my dreams.

Then there are full songs that every lyric inspires me to the core, like Kirk Franklin’s song “Today”:

Today, I’m hungry and ready for change. I’ve run to far to be the same. Today, No longer bound by what people say.  I know that I will make mistakes. I fall but I refuse to stay…Today” 

MY Workout Song of the Month:

Eye on It“Eye On It”
  by Toby Mac
Favorite line:
“I got my eye on the prize and I will not quit”

Some of the lyrics:
Reachin’ for what lies ahead, I got my eye on it
I see my sweat hit the ground, I put my foot in the block
This is the race of my life, And I can’t wait for this shot
‘Cause I can feel the wind at my back, Chest is pumpin’ like a heart attack
Feet are moving and my mind is locked, Pressin’ on with everything I got
I got my eye on it!


My Top 10 Workout Songs: 

1. “That Power – Will.I.Am
2.”Uprising” – The Muse
3. “We Are Young” – Fun
4. “Eye On It” – Toby Mac
5. “On Top of the World” – Imagine Dragons
6. “Chasing the Sun” – Wanted
7. “Today” – Kirk Franklin
8. “Starts with Me” – Tim Timmons
9. “Me Without You” – Toby Mac
10. Live Like That – Sidewalk Prophets

YOUR Top 30 Workout Songs 

Below are some of the songs my facebook friends submitted so far, listed as: “The Song” – The Band and (your Facebook Page). Don’t forget to give me your input (in the comments below)!!!

“Breaking a sweat” – Skrillex
(Charlene Wilson Lee)

“Find Yourself” – John O’Callaghan ft Sarah Howells
(Pame Valencia)

“Closer” – 50 Cent
(Kelly Livingston- Walters)

“Outta Control” – Baby Bash Ft. Pitbull
(Cindy Cobb Corwin)

“Beat This Summer” – Brad Paisley.
(Laurie Duncan)

“Five minutes alone” – Pantera
(Ryan Maclean)

“Destroy everything” – Hatebreed
(Ryan Maclean)

“Wagon Wheel”–Darius Rucker
(Kimberley Nash)

“1994”–Jason Aldean
(Kimberley Nash)

“Can’t Hold Us”–Macklemore
(Kimberley Nash)

“Lift Me Up” – FFDP
(Tere Mayte K)

“Pusher Love Girl”—Timberlake
(Kimberley Nash)

“Spin The Black Circle” – Pearl Jam
(Willie Smoked Edwards)

“Five Finger Death Punch – the Pride
(John Sikes)

“Push It” – Garbage
(Cori Keeton Pope)

“Lose Yourself” – Eminem
(Pame Valencia)

“Counting bodies like sheep” – A Perfect Circle
(Emily Wee Wee Weborg )

“List of Demands” Saul Williams
(Cameron Pope)

“Crystalised” – The XX
(Cameron Pope)

“Cherry Lips (Go baby go)” – Garbage
(Cameron Pope)

“Like a Soldier” – Live
(Cameron Pope)

“Burn it to the Ground” – Nickelback
(John Hines)

“White Limo”  – Foo Fighters
(Amplify: Life Tech Run)

“A New Level” – Pantera
(Erin ElizAbeth)

“Down on Me” – Jeremih
(Kelly Livingston- Walters)

“The Best Part (Is You) Ne-Yo
(Kelly Livingston- Walters)

“My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark” – Fall Out Boy.
(Mandy White)

Foo Fighters –Rope
(Charlene Wilson Lee)

“Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke
(Kandice Poirier)

“Did My Time” – Korn,
(Myra Naito)

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