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Five Fanny Fixes

Five Fanny Fixes

The “Bottom” Line

Bottoms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fat, some are flat, some are big, some are wide in the side. Some sag low and some poke out. Some are lumpy and some are bumpy. But one thing they all have in common is they can all improve with a few fit tips.

I searched the web high and low for some popular bottom problems and found 5 backsides to trouble shoot. For each booty, I will address the individual problem and what I’d do to help them fix it.

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Five Fanny Fixes

#1: FAT Bottom: We want a PHAT bottom, not a fat bottom!


Problem: Too much body fat, untoned muscle. This person looks like the are completely sedentary and out of shape.

Solution: Decrease caloric intake and start a fitness routine with cardio to burn fat and weight training to tone muscle. I would also suggest a low-calorie protein supplement, like DesignerWhey, to help her increase protein while on her diet. The Total Lean Live Lean and Fit Pack would be a great multi-vitamin pack, which helps boost energy and promote weight loss, would be another great supplement for her to reach her goals. Since she has a lot to lose, she should shed fat pretty quickly if she sticks to a standard 1,200 calorie diet a day. My goal would be for her to lose 2-3lbs a week. I’d guess she has about 30lbs to lose, so it will take approximately 10-12 weeks for her to experience a total make-over.

#2: NO Bottom: Skinny is not always pretty.


Problem: No muscle or body fat. This person probably doesn’t eat a lot, or get enough protein – which happens as people age. People who are not active can lose up to 3% to 5% of their muscle mass per decade after age 30. I also see this type of muscle deterioration in long-distance runners who burn more than they consume, don’t eat enough protein to maintain muscle mass, or don’t do any resistance training to encourage muscle development.

Solution: Increase caloric intake rich in protein and healthy fats and start a muscle building weight training program. I might even recommend a weight gainer or muscle builder like GNC’s ReGrow to help her increase her calories and protein. Even seniors can gain muscle and totally reshape the body, so it’s never too late. If they are runners, I’d encourage them to cut back in their cardio, even if just a little, and add weight training to their running program.

#3: BIG Bottom: Got muscle AND fat.

Serena Williams

Problem: Has good muscle mass, but just needs to lose body fat.

Solution: I’d have her decrease calories and increase her cardio while maintaining a weight training routine. You can tell she has good muscle under her body fat (see her line in her shoulders). Because she already has good muscle, she will look super fit super fast once we get her to shed that fat. Her skin will smooth out and her muscle will be come more and more defined as she loses weight.

#4: PEAR Bottom: Flat on top, full on bottom.

man thong

Problem: Besides the stretch marks, bumps and the creepy fact this is a man wearing a thong in public, this guy has decent muscle mass. What is missing to me is he is lacking the top shelf of the bottom that makes the butt more round and perky looking. He also has love handles and no definition in his lower back, so that tells me his diet is crappy or he is really just overall deconditioned.

Solution: If he isn’t doing squats, I’d make sure he adds that to his lower body workout routine. And, I’d recommend adding one-leg exercises like lunges, skaters, one-leg romanian deadlifts, one-leg leg press, or curtsies to work the gluteus medius (which is the top gluteal muscle that will change his pear bottom into an apple bottom). I’d also make sure he hits hamstrings hard. He looks like he may be quad dominant – meaning he might be neglecting his hamstrings and glutes, but doing enough activity to develop (or maintain) his thigh muscles. Lastly, I’d have him hit cardio to shed his love handles. He’ll be quick to respond because he doesn’t have a lot to lose and these small changes will show pretty quickly.

#5: SAGGY Bottom: Deflated and saggy bottom.

tara reid butt

Problem: This girl has loose saggy skin, which happens when you lose a lot of weight fast (because you can easily lose muscle too), or if you are just really deconditioned and don’t really do any resistance training.

Solution: Since she doesn’t have a lot of body fat, I would concentrate on a weight program to add muscle mass and tone her up. More muscle will not only give her great curves, but it will fill out the deflated bottom and she’ll lose that sagging line she has under her butt cheeks. She’ll also need to increase her protein, so I’d definitely have her doing protein supplements, like DesignerWhey for her protein shake or  Total Lean 25, which is a meal replacement. After 90 days of weight training and eating clean, she’ll be absolutely amazed how much smoother her skin will look, not to mention her overall body shape. Since she is pretty lean already, she will see improvements very quickly.

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