5 Steps to Getting Back on Track

My recent blog on Designer Whey. I wrote this after my vacation – where I reeeeally went off my diet and regular workout routine. Although I had a blast, sometimes the hardest part is getting back on track. If you ever find yourself way off course, here are 5 tips on how to help you get back on track!

We all get lazy from time to time. We skip a few workouts and slip off our typical diet. Before you know it, we have stepped out of our normal fitness lifestyle – and we feel horrible.

Unfortunately, it can snowball out of control quickly if we don’t put some predetermined guidelines into place. Here are 5 steps to making sure that trip to fatville is a quick one.

1. Designate a set day of the week you always use to start fresh. Most people use Monday as the day to get back into their workout routine and eat healthy. Having a line in the sand helps separate the past from the present. Our mistakes were so last week. This day is the time to move on.

2. Have a plan. Having a day you start fresh is meaningless if you don’t know what you are going to do. It’s crucial you… READ MORE

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