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Married and Fitness: Why Two Is Better Than One

01-cover-us-2091Oxygen Magazine recently reached out to Steve and I looking for ways to help involve people’s “other half” in thier healthy routine to get and stay on track with nutrition and fitness goals. They said “we receive feedback from women saying their husbands aren’t supportive — they don’t want to train together, they don’t want to eat the “boring, healthy junk” that the participants are eating, etc.”

Sound familiar? Chances are, if this hasn’t happened to you it’s happened to your friends. Steve and I were so stoked to help since fitness and marriage are two of our greatest passions.

punching husbandI’ll share the link to the article in a sec, but I thought I’d give you another idea of how you and your mate can get on the same page. You need a getaway!

Health and fitness isn’t just about sweat and heavy breathing! It’s about relaxation, getting good sleep, discovering really good healthy foods, feeling good and getting reenergized. It’s also about education and inspiration. And, it can be fun, adventurous and amazing – especially if you are doing all of that at a beautiful destination.

While you can’t lose 50lbs in 4 days, you sure can get the education, inspiration and encouragement you need to mentally go back home and make a change together.

couple-deep-tissue-massage5 Reasons To Go On A Fitness Getaway

1. You feel better fast.  We reap what we sow. Even if it’s only for 4 days, your body will thank you for the healthy food, exercise and relaxation. You will wake up more and more rested, alive and energized each day. We live in such a stressful world where our body is often neglected while everything and everyone else constantly demands our attention. Our body needs (and deserves) love. Just a few days of quality healthy time away will leave you feeling ten times better by the time of departure – mentally, physically and spiritually.

couple hiking2. You can bond with your workout partner. Whether it’s a friend or a spouse, doing a wellness retreat with a friend takes your workout partnership to a whole new level.  You learn the same valuable tools, experience the same fun or challenging experiences – and you go home closer than when you arrived. You may even be surprised to discover you both like similar activities. Or, you may find brand new ones. Sometimes the hardest part of fitness is doing something for the very first time. Doing a retreat together is one way to try something new with the comfort and support of your spouse by your side.

yoga couple3. You are free of distractions. Most people want to lose weight and get healthy, but there are so many distractions constantly vying for our attention nearly every second of every day – half of them are advertisements for food that isn’t on your diet. This makes it super hard to get your mind in the right place to do what you need to succeed.

Once you check in, you will enter your healthy sanctuary and will be so much easier to be fully committed to soaking it all in. You will be primed and ready to go – and we will too!

group 4. You get support. One thing I love to see is the look on people’s face when they realize they are not alone. As people of all walks of life come together, they realize they all have similar goals no matter how different their physique or fitness level. Everyone encourages each other so each person leaves feeling more confident and empowered than when they arrived.

5. The effects last and last. The only thing that normally lasts and lasts after most vacations are the pounds that stick to our backside from overeating. However, a fitness vacation is designed to impact your life and make you better. Wellness retreats bring out your best, not your worst. What happens in Vegas can stay in Vegas, but you are going to want to take home everything you learn and experience when you attend one of our retreats.

DTC Red Mountain Spa various photosGet Away With Your Mate

fit couple selfieIf you need a fresh start or you need to bond with your mate and work to get them on board, think about attending one of our upcoming retreats like our Transformation Vacation November 30 – December 3, 2017.

Get It Right With Your Mate

If you are that married person who feels so alone and defeated when it comes to your diet and fitness plan, read Working Out As a Couple in Oxygen Magazine to get our 8 tips on how to get your other half on board.

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