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Fit Fajita Breakfast

If you have followed me for any length of time, you probably know how much I love Mexican food – and breakfast is no exception. Since I love fajitas, I decided to trade flour tortillas for egg whites and it was a hit!

Grilled Filling:
Steak fajita meat
Fajita Seasoning
1/2 Onion
1 Green Pepper
1 Cup Corn 
Lime Juice (2-3 limes)

Trade the Tortilla for Eggs!
Egg Whites
Low Fat Shredded Cheese

Cold Topping #1:
Fresh Diced Tomatoes 
Diced Onion
Diced Small Sweet Peppers
Diced Pickled Jalapeno Peppers
Fresh Minced Garlic
Tablespoon of Apple Cidar Vinegar
Lime Juice (one lime)

Cold Topping #2
1 Avocado

Low Fat Sour Cream 
Sour Cream 

Pour egg whites in frying pan, prepared with Pam. Add Fajita mix with a small sprinkle of low-fat Cheddar Cheese and fold. Top with Cold Topping and serve with a few sliced Avocado and a dollop of sour cream.

Have a favorite breakfast recipe? Share it with us below!

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