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Easy New Meal Plans Are a Click Away

chicken kebabsOne of my favorite Premium features in the Lose It! app (also available for desktop) is the meal plan feature. I wanted to share how you use it to get the most out of it because it’s really cool!

Some of the best Lose It! Premium features (in addition to syncing to your fun fitness devices) is located at the bottom of your “My Day” section (photo below). That is where our new 30-Days Best Body workout will be located too! If you are wanting a new recipe, click on the Meal Plan link. It will take you to the featured meal plans.


Next, browse meal plans and choose your meal.


I chose the first meal, Grilled Chicken Kebabs. Click on that link.


Now you can view the recipe and instructions.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Print Shopping List & Instructions” to add the meal to your app database (so you can add it to your daily log when you eat it)!

Lose It! app

It will prompt you to add the food to “My Foods” list. This way, you can add it to your day without having to log everything manually!!


Now you can find the item in “My Foods”. How cool is THAT?!

Lose It Meal Plan

Lose It! is constantly adding fun new features like this one!! I’m super stoked to try some of their new foods – and I’m even more excited about offering their first in-app workout program called the “30-Days Best Body Program“. Be sure to enroll for premium today!! It’s only $39.99 a year and you are going to get more than just workouts and meal plans! They have so many cool premium features – plus you will get to workout with ME! <3

CLICK HERE to go premium!!

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