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100 Calorie Snacks REAL People Eat!

Fitness magazines are always featuring healthy foods for under “whatever” calories – but how often are you disappointed in what they are saying? Although there are definitely times the suggestions are OK, there are many times I’m thinking “Oh yeah, I’ll just whip that 25-ingredient snack right up. NOT!” Or maybe the snack is more like a tasteless piece of cardboard with some light Ranch dressing on it – or it’s a vegetable I’ve never even heard of!

What better way to get REAL ideas than from REAL people who are living to get fit each and every day? So I called on my friends at FitFluential, fit peeps varying from fitness professionals to people on their own personal fitness journey. I asked them to share their favorite 100 calorie food/drink. PS: I didn’t say it had to be healthy – it just had to be worth it!

My Findings? Well, let’s just say the answers are a LOT more simple than you’d think. A snack doesn’t have to be complicated. A snack serves one primary purpose – to keep fuel in your tank so you keep burning calories and have energy. Most people freeze up when they are trying to figure out how to snack at work or how to eat 5-6 times a day. “I’m too busy to eat”, they say.  Many of the snacks listed in this blog are great on the go. Read on and learn from the best! 

Bonnie Talley Pfiester OK, We’ll start with meee!! My favorite snack hands down is 100 calorie popcorn. I like that I can eat a bowl full of those crunchy salty puffy things for only 100 calories – instead of eating 10 potato chips. Makes me feel like I’m getting SUCH a deal!

Carla Birnberg Ive got the workout cards to burn em off too 🙂 Im an intuitive eater BUT do still buy the 100 cal packs of almonds. I have no idea intuitively how to not eat a whole canister of those. Yet. Carla:, @mizfitonline

Tina Reale Mine is seriously an apple. The crunch and sweetness always satisfy me.

Rebekah Borucki I eat a mostly raw vegetarian diet, so my favorite 100 calorie food is the glorious banana! I have at least 2-3 a day and it’s my go-to post-workout food for energy and muscle repair. Rebekahhttp://bexlife.com,

Laura Mount a BANANA!

Toni Church ‎100 calorie pack unsalted almonds.
Meet Toni: Running, Loving, Living: the road to my dreamshttp://!/tonee78,,

Nicole Culver mine is either an apple or the cookie dough balls I make! (cashews, dates, hemp, choc chips) Nicole!/nicoleculver 🙂

Kathleen Uhran Apple sprinkled with Cinnamon! (Bonnie’s Notes: Seasonings are GREAT way to “spice” up a snack!)

Julie Fagan A simple spoonful of peanut butter! It’s fast, full of healthy fat and satisfying protein. Definitely my go-to snack!

Shari Friedman Fage  Plain 2% Greek Yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon and ground flax… yummmm. It’s creamy, satiating and nutrient-rich.

Lindsay Mashburn Wright Best way to eat 100 calories? Chobani yogurt 0% Plain w/ a little honey mixed in!!

Caitlin Croswell I LOVE 100 calorie FiberOne english muffin. Heating/mashing some blueberries on top barely puts you over the 100 calorie mark. Caitlin: ,

Amanda Loudin Dates! Four of them gives you about 100 calories and they are quite filling!, 

Samantha Zeigler Chips and Salsa! About 10-12 baked tostitos and 2 tbsp Pace picante sauce is about 100 calories. Heat them up the microwave for “nachos” – I add cheese sometimes too but then that goes over the 100 cal mark. Samantha!/runcupcake

Courtney Horan I’m similar to you, Bonnie! I ♥ me a 100 calorie bag of Kettle Corn, sprinkled with sea salt and cinnamon. Sweet and salty – the perfect combo! Courtney:!/SweetToothCourt

Morgan Shuker ‎2 crackers to scoop up a dollop of hummus on each – fastest and most filling.

Whitney Olson A banana with a tbsp. of peanut butter! (Bonnie’s Note: Sice 1/2 banana in tiny slices for a longer lasting snack!)

Theodora Blanchfield A piece of dark chocolate!

Katy Livingstone a cup of butternut squash soup! (Bonnie’s Note: Katy, you MUST post this recipe here!)  🙂

Steve Pfiester ‎4 ounces of Manatee. Its like a cross between Spotted Owl and Bald Eagle. (Pfiester! Everyone, this is my husband being his crazy self! He does have one thing correct – the man likes meat. His favorite go-to snack is lunch meat.)

Erin Elberson Lyon I’m simple. A naturally gluten free, small to medium apple and a tiny bit of cheese.

Heather Rusch Gonzalez Starbucks grande non-fat misto with caramel – 70 cals!

Michele King Gonzalez Between 1/4 – 1/5 of raw avocado (depends on size of avocado) with 1/3 of serving (5 crisps) of Thin Crisps (Triscuits). It’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty!

Alexandra Williams My fave 100 kcal food is garlic hummus on an ancient grains tortilla.

Michael J. Schiemer Scoop of 100% Whey Protein in Water

Jess Allen A Smart & Delicious Low carb tortilla (80 cals) with thin sliced deli turkey. (Bonnie’s Note: cut tortilla in 1/2 to save calories)

Lindsay Dodrill An apple or a spoonful of peanut butter! (Bonnie’s Note: watch how BIG that spoon is.)

Dawn Dolobowsky A honeycrisp apple. LOVE THEM.
Meet Dawn:

Katelyn Block Hands-down, my favorite 100 calories is a couple of baby gala apples. They are so fresh and crispy!
Meet Katelyn:!/ChefKatelyn

Robin Elton I’m going to throw in a vote for Pink Lady apples just to make sure their sweet, sweet curves get represented.
Meet Robin:

After my “facebook interview”, it’s painfully obvious the media tends to overcomplicate things. Look how simple some of these great snack ideas are – and most were healthy. Besides, healthy is managing your calories even if you must have chocolate! The moral of the story is – quit searching for crazy off-the-wall tricks to snacking and eating healthy. Go simple – and don’t forget some of the best snacks came straight from the ground!

CHANGE YOUR BRAIN: RETHINK YOUR SNACK. Quit thinking about what you want to taste, and start thinking about what your body needs. Don’t even give yourself a chance to dream of what you “want” and just focus on what you need. The more you fantasize about other foods, the more disappointed you’ll be in your 100 calorie snack pack. Instead, get on autopilot and start flying to your goal! 

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