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RANT: Fit Mags Needs to Shape Up!

I think it’s time magazines set some New Year’s Resolutions of their own! It’s time they  shape up their content and lose the useless baggage they’ve all be carrying for so long!! 

I was looking for a magazine at the corner pharmacy while in New York City with the FitFluential team, and was overwhelmed by all the magazine headlines – more like annoyed. “Blast Fat Fast, in only 10 Minutes” must sell magazines, but it should be an insult to our intelligence.

I guess “Blast Fat Realistically” wouldn’t sell subscriptions, or “Sculpt a New Physique in 30 Minutes a Day” (instead of 10 minutes a day) may seem too extreme – but come on people?! When will we quit falling for gimmick tricks that will let you down faster than your worst boyfriend?

When has ANYthing great come out of a little investment? How often have you reaped a big reward for little work? I’m sick of seeing these watered down workouts and false claims that prey on the hopeless. For ONCE, would someone man up and actually put a workout boldly on their cover that (dare I say) looks a little challenging and takes a little more time than 10 minutes a day?

What do you want? Do you want truth or do you want the media to continue delivering half truths and gimmick workouts that rarely actually ‘work out’? Would you actually buy a magazine that featured factual information you may not WANT to hear but NEED to hear? Or are we all going to keep buying this crap and supporting this type of media?

iPhone Pics: Actual headlines on various covers this month: 

If it ONLY were that easy. Pahleeeese! 

…maybe if you do steriods. Arrrgh!

I want to be Sexier by Saturday. Shame on anyone who thinks 1-minute moves will tone anything, much less “all over”.

it’s called a girdle.

Breathing is healthy, not breathing…definitely bad. 

There’s a secret to flat abs – it’s called “nutrition”. And you can do those 6 proven moves to sculpt sexy legs all day, but without diet, you’ll still have fatty thighs. Bet they don’t talk about THAT! They DEFinitely don’t plaster it on the cover of their magazine!

3 more realistic strategies: #1. Quit Eating. #2. Quit eating so much #3. Quit eating so much crap.

Sure, some of these magazines also deliver good, reliable content too – but who would believe it knowing it’s mixed in with crap too? A little crap can ruin even the best pie. Clean it up people! You have a GREAT opportunity to tell people the TRUTH and let them know what to truly expect. Don’t feed people this “get results quick” message. It’s tainting fitness, creating unrealistic expectations, and sabotaging success!!

Tell me what you think. What headlines would you prefer to see?

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