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“Life’s too short to diet?” OMG Waffle House!

Yesterday, Waffle House proudly tweeted “Life is too short to diet“.

OMG! Did they really just go there? I have such mixed emotions about this tweet. As a business owner, I think “wow, they just announced to the world that Waffle House is not a place for healthy people” and then as a fitness professional I can’t help but think “people need to stop acting like ‘dieting’ is a bad thing”.

Don’t get me wrong, the 4-letter word has a pretty bad reputation. Although I say “I’m dieting” all the time, I really mean “I’m eating healthy, low-calorie meals” – not “I’m starving myself and am miserable“. On the CONTRARY! When I’m so-called ‘dieting’, I feel AMAZING! I am happier, healthier, have more energy, am more confident, look better and feel better. SO, when Waffle House says “Life’s too short to diet“, the message they are sending is “dieting sucks so eat whatever you want“. 

“Life is short when you eat like crap”

Waffle House, I have news for ya. Life is not only short when you eat like crap, it’s likely not a great life to live. I know very few overweight people that feel good 50lbs overweight or enjoy busting out of their jeans. I’ve never heard anyone say “wow I feel amazing” after gorging themselves on waffles, butter, syrup, hashbrowns, bacon and sausage. I am sure there is some 600lb person out there pretending to be proud of their great size, like that lady who is on a mission to be the largest woman in history, but GIVE. ME. A. BREAK! You are either lying to yourself or you don’t know awesome it feels to be healthy, fit and thin.

I didn’t realize how crappy I felt until I started eating healthy and working out and feeling good”

My sister said this statement after she lost her first bit of weight at 13, “I didn’t realize how crappy I felt until I started eating healthy and working out and feeling good. I have so much more energy now. I just never knew the difference.”

Don’t believe that dieting has to be awful and the only way to really LIVE is to EAT. There are MUCH better pleasures in the world other than the indulging in high-calorie food. Sure, it may taste good for all of 20 minutes (if you’re lucky) but I’d rather feel amazing for the rest of the 23 hours and 40 minutes a day!

Eat healthy and enjoy and occasional waffle. Life’s too short to live for the moment when you likely have so many more years ahead of you to live. Besides, when you live for the moment, life can end up shorter than you want it to be.
People of Waffle House … haha

Pics from People of Waffle House.
BIG KUDOS to IHOP for offering 12 Healthy Dining Options and 4 Kids Live Well Options. Look what IHOP has been up to:  2005: IHOP launched For Me with smarter choices. 2007: Eliminated use of frying oil with trans fats. 2008: IHOP went trans fat free and met guidelines of less than 0.5 grams of artificial trans fat per serving. 2009: Added fresh fruit as side dish, making French fries available only upon request. 2010: Introduced SIMPLE & FIT menu with more than 30 items under 600 calories plus tips to meet nutrition goals located throughout the menu. 2011: IHOP becomes inaugural leader in Kids LiveWell initiative.

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  • Tara Burner

    and OMG to the “People of WH” pics.
    I must live a sheltered life as I’ve never been in one nor IHOP for that matter and well ummmm wow!
    and so true to most restaurants having something healthy…
    crazy to take an anti-diet stand..weird.

  • gene @boutdrz

    i have only eaten at a WH once. i had flown to North Carolina to be with my cousin after her mom suffered a life changing stroke. on our way home from the airport we stopped at one, as it was the only thing open in the area.
    i wasn’t as health minded then as i am now, but still…YIKES! i think i ended up just having eggs, toast, and perhaps some hash, and i don’t recall eating all of it.
    thankfully, our area in New England doesn’t have an IHOP oR a WH. Denny’s is the only real breakfast evil around, although Friendly’s is right across the street…

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