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No More Coulda Shoulda Woulda!

Regret is an ugly thing. We all have done it – we lay in bed, literally dreaming about working out and getting fit. We promise we will get up and run or go to the gym. We agree to quit eating this or that and decide to eat better ‘tomorrow’. Yet, when we wake up the next morning, we allow ‘life’ to get in the way and all our excitement, resolutions and drive seems to have been left in the bed.

This is SO me! Yesterday was a super crazy day. I had to work the front desk at the club because we were short staffed. We had a ton of new members sign up and a bunch of people were signing up for boot camp. Then we had corporate meetings – and bottom line, I didn’t get to workout. 5am turned to 8pm in a blink – and then as soon as I walked in the door, I jumped online to join the FitStudio tweetchat.

So while we are chatting about diet, etc (which at least I was doing ok on that end), I’m thinking “I’m supposed to be encouraging everyone to MAKE time to workout, and I haven’t even been able to workout myself“. Ugh!! 

So, then I find myself crawling into bed and laying there thinking about what I’m going to do tomorrow to make up for today. This is when the magic happens. (not that kind of magic…Steve’s already asleep by now) ha!

This is when I lay there and literally picture myself running, doing burpees, lifting weights, training hard, blending a protein smoothie and eating healthy. Honestly, if I could burn calories from my virtual workout going on in my brain, I swear I’d be so amazingly fit!! I seem so focused during this time and I almost get enough energy to jump out of bed and do it all right then – but of course I don’t. (I said ALLLLMOST). 🙂

I shoulda, coulda, woulda – I should, I could, I WILL
Life is about balance. There will ALWAYS be something important to do that can get in the way of your own health and personal goals.  So how can we carry this crazy momentum that we may get in the quite reflective time?

1.) Write it Down. What got us excited while we thought about working out? Was it how we knew we’d feel? What we’d look like? What we could wear? What we could do?

2.) Set a Time. Don’t play it by ear. Don’t ‘hope’ you have time to squeeze it in. I need to set a time to make this work. I’ve been playing every day by ear, which is ridiculous!  I need a SET time I can commit to if I EVER want to stay on track. Make it even MORE official by setting your alarm and putting it on the calendar. This is also why doing classes work well for many people – they FORCE people to stick to a time. Besides, you don’t want to be late!

3.) Get it Done. I know good and well that the reason I don’t get workouts done is because I procrastinate. I also know good and well that if I get my cardio done before I even sit down on the computer, I don’t miss a beat the rest of the day and I am so much happier. SO, if I know all these things, why do I still procrastinate? I’ll tell you! I’m lazy and not very bright. DUH! THIS has GOT to CHANGE!

4.) Make Some Rules. Find out what normally gets in your way (like getting on the computer, watching TV, staying at work late, etc) and set some guidelines like “I can’t get on facebook until I run“, “no TV until I do my workout” or “I will clock out at this ‘set time’ no matter what I’m in the middle of (it will be there tomorrow)“.

We are way to casual with our workouts. We need to think about being more purposeful about our fitness. Before we know it, our new purposeful lifestyle will be just as natural as brushing our teeth!
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