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5 Simple Pain Prevention Tips

Pain is a very powerful thing. It can change your attitude, bank account, happiness, focus and entire lifestyle. Although you may not be able to completely control the actual pain itself, you can often control what causes it.

Poor posture is responsible for a large majority of neck and back problems. People hunch over the computer, and slouch on the couch for hours. After extended periods of time back muscles begin painful spasms, which pull on other muscles and vertebra. Before you know it you’re running to the doctor for help.

Here are 5 simple tips to becoming pain-free: 

1. Work on your posture. Your posture will not improve on it’s own and will actually get worse the longer you neglect it. Strengthen weak muscles by beginning a weight-training program. As your muscles get stronger, you will be able to perform daily tasks without compromising good form and putting your body at risk for strains or pulls.

2. Take up yoga. We all need to stretch more and what better way to do it than with Yoga. Even though yoga gets a lot of attention in Hollywood, many people who need it most still have not given it a try. Yoga helps stretch tight muscles, improve posture, and strengthen the core (back and abdominals).

3. Get an eye exam. Many people stick their neck out to read or drive because of poor eyesight. Ironically, poor posture can actually make your vision worse, as an improperly aligned spine can impede blood flow and compress nerves that support good vision.

4. Invest in helpful aids. Seek healthy products, like proper shoes, ergonomic chairs and supportive pillows, to help support your quest to improve posture.

5. Stay active. Many people avoid activity in fear of making their pain worse. Ironically, the more sedentary a person is, the more problems they will likely face. Staying active is a crucial part of pain prevention.

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