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Get Over It!

It was the first day of Boot Camp for Ellen Minotty and I can remember it like it was yesterday. As soon as the orientation was over she made a beeline straight for Steve. Although I couldn’t hear what she told Steve, I remember his answer, “get over it”.

We laugh about that day because those three words were part of a turning point for Ellen. How often do we hold on to excuses and let them paralyze us. If we could just “get over it” like Steve said, we could actually move on and make some progress – and progress she’s made. Three boot camps and thirty-five pounds later, Ellen learned to quit making excuses.

Unfortunately, people tiptoe around the truth and candy coat fitness to the point it hurts more than it helps. Think about it. How many times have you heard someone say “oh honey, maybe you’re not losing weight because you aren’t eating enough”. Talk about sabotage!

People don’t need to hear they are doing all the right things when they’re clearly not getting all the right results. The problem is no one wants to be the bearer of bad news – especially when someone has tried to the best of their ability to do the right thing. 

It is completely normal to want to think you are doing everything right. It is terribly discouraging to think you may be doing something wrong, but it’s even more damaging to not take responsibility for yourself. Maybe it’s time to actually think of the possibility you may be missing something.

Maybe you’ve been eating more calories than you thought. Maybe your workouts aren’t as productive as they should be. Maybe you were simply misinformed. Unfortunately, weight loss is not based on effort, it’s based on science – and with science, you can have everything right except for one part of the equation and it’s enough to through off the results.

Steve always has said our bodies are like great big science projects. You have to keep learning and experimenting until you get the results you want. Get over the excuses, get over the fears, get over the past failures – get over it, because getting over it is the only way to get past it.
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  • Darvis Simms

    Bonnie, what great advice. How many times do we as personal trainers shy away from telling clients the truth about why they are not getting the results they want for fear of hurting their feelings? It’s our job as fitness professionals to take away the excuses and help our clients get the results they are paying us for.

  • gene @boutdrz

    I, too, stuggle with my own excuses. weather, lack of sleep, ‘no time’, guilt..ad infinitum. But then i read things like this that snap me back to the reality of the situation:
    it is MY body, MY health, MY life. I need to take charge and control it. To do that, i MUST “get over it”, and move forward.
    thank you, again!

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