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NO! I Won’t Tell You What to Eat!

Can you just tell me what to eat?

This is a question I get ALL the time. Although it’s my personal desire to help as many people as possible, my answer will always be “NO”. Here is why…

Why not just give out meal plans for people to follow?
There are many reasons whey we don’t tell people what to eat but my #1 reason for not just writing down a list of foods is because it would be a very temporary fix for a problem that needs a permanent solution.

I won’t tell you what to eat for your own good
People don’t know what to eat because they are not knowledgeable enough to make healthy decisions. There is more to managing your weight than just eating a certain list of foods. How many calories you eat, how you combine foods, and how many nutrients you are getting are all important factors when it comes to reaching your goals.

Telling someone what to eat is limiting but helping someone understand why they need to eat a certain way is totally freeing. It’s not much different than telling someone the answer to a mathematical equation. It’s fine and dandy long as you come across the exact same equation with the same factors, but if the factors change and you don’t have an understanding how the equation works, you will be completely lost. 

America is lost
People get some information news-lines, magazine articles, commercials and web content, but bits and pieces of information doesn’t cut it. Like a math problem, you can’t get part of the equation right, the other part of the equation wrong, and get a right answer. You have to understand how to solve the entire problem.

We are too busy
Not only are we busy, we are lazy and impatient. We use calculators instead of our heads and we have people on speed-dial instead of in our memory banks, so it’s no wonder we look for shortcuts with our diet too. I have a rude awakening for you: There are NO shortcuts when it comes to diet.

Diet tips are always helpful, but when I share a diet tip I hope it is just adding to your knowledge base or sparking a thought to look deeper within your own eating habits.

The right way is rarely easy way
Have you ever tried taking a shortcut that only put you right back where you started? That’s how diet shortcuts do – they are nothing more than a dead end.

Ironically, we spend all kinds of time and money attending school to learn everything else. I even took two years of Spanish Class (which I never use), yet we scoff and taking any amount of time to actually learn how to eat right.

Here’s the hard, cold, ugly, smack-you-in-the-face truth:
You don’t have an option. You WILL learn a lesson. You will learn the easy way or the hard way, but you’ll learn. This is not a fun thing to think about, but here are some thoughts that pass through people’s heads who keep wasting precious time on shortcuts or ignore their health for too long.

1. I don’t have enough energy to play with my kids.
2. I’m sluggish at work and not as sharp as I used to be.
3. I am sick and tired all the time.
4. I feel fat and ugly.
5. I lack confidence and am insecure.
6. I have a lot of health issues.
7. I avoid swimming because I’m embarrassed to be in a bathing suit.
8. I can’t catch my breath with simple activities that should be fun.
9. I just don’t like “me”.
10. I am scared I am going to die early.
11. People make fun of me.
12. I have lost my drive and desire to reach goals.
13. I feel like my life is out of control.
14. I feel older than I am.
15. I feel invisible.
16. I hurt physically.
17. I’m depressed.
18. I want to hide.
19. The best years of my life are gone.
20. I waited until it was too late.

So you have to ask yourself this question:
How important is my health? Does my life deserve taking fruitless shortcuts or do I deserve more? I think YOU are pretty important. It’s time to do this the right way!

Below is my suggest on what to focus on first as you begin to learn how to eat right.
1.) Learn how to manage calories to manage weight.
2.) Learn about balancing carbs, fats and proteins to balance fat and muscle on your body.
3.) Learn how to eat for fuel not taste to increase energy and improve daily performance.
4.) Learn how to eat more nutritious meals to help fight disease and illness.
5.) Learn about vitamins and supplements


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