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Conditioning & Core Workout

Today’s full body workout focuses on Core & overall Conditioning.

Each exercise begins with 10 repetitions of a full body conditioning and strengthening exercise, followed by 30 seconds of a core exercise for 3 sets (with no break). Follow along below (Click on the links for video instruction) or do the workout with us on our BCx Boot Camp show at www.LiveExercise.com.

side plank pulse


10 Overhead Squat (you can use a bar or even a broomstick)
:30 Diagonal Knees
X 3

10 Good Mornings
:30 Toes to Bar or Reverse Crunch
X 3

10 Clean Squat Press
:30 Barbell Roll Out
X 3

10 T-Plank w/ 1 Dumbbell 
:30 Side Plank Pulse
X 3 – all on LEFT side

10 T-Plank w/ 1 Dumbbell 
:30 Side Plank Pulse
X 3 – all on RIGHT side

10 Kettlebell Overhead Swing
:30 Elbow Plank

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