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Less Fitness Blogs, More Fit Fun Videos

steve Fat MarchThe last few years have been a whirlwind. I would have never thought I’d be “modeling”, on TV and doing this kind of stuff at my age. I think back and all the people who were a big part of this crazy ride!

I guess it started with ABC and Ricochet Productions choosing Steve as the trainer for their summer weight loss reality show, back in 2007, called Fat March. We got to meet some lasting friends on that show and those friends would end up being so supportive and awesome to us, referring us more work and helping keep us staying busy.

Steve and Bonnie PfiesterI’m also so very thankful to Kelly Olexa, who referred us to Sears, where we launched BCx Boot Camp program globally for the first time, and did hundreds of instructional videos for their home gym department. We later became FitFluential Ambassadors, which gave us so many incredible opportunities to try new products, do product reviews, travel, blog and so much fit fun stuff with awesome brands like Reebok, GNC, Cliff Bars, Polar, Saucony, Mizuno, Vitamin Shoppe, Everlast, Silk, Daisy, HHGregg, National Car Rental, Burts Bees, Gorilla Glass, Samsung, Blackberry and so many more!

Then came Bridal Boot Camp on VH1 and Fit To Fat To Fit on A&E. Meanwhile, we were continuing to get our practice in front of the camera shooting live workout shows down south in Boca Raton at LiveExercise.com. Over time, we got even more opportunities to do more on camera work as infomercial hosts for production companies like Loudmouth TV and Tara Productions.

It’s been a fun wild ride and this year has been the busiest yet. Because of the extra work, I’ve have had less time to write articles and blog. So if you have wondered why I’ve slowed down just a little here, this is why! I still try to write weekly, and I will keep putting out product reviews, written workouts, diet tips, recipes and more! But, make sure you subscribe to our youtube for more workout, instructional, diet tip and Pfit Pfun videos coming your way!

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Here is what we’ve been up to lately!

More to Come!

We now have our own studio to shoot more workout content, so you’ll be seeing more and more videos! Let us know what you are looking for! I’d love to know your needs so we can put out content you will enjoy and benefit from. Are you a beginner or advanced? Are you wanting body weight exercises or more stuff with fitness tools. The Pfiesters want to know! 🙂 Comment below with your wish list!

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


  • Jan Elrod

    I live your workouts! I really loved the real time workouts that are one complete workout. I have done the ones that I found, and I subscribe to your you tube, but I stopped looking when all I could find was a3 our 4 minute segment, then I’d have to search for another one. It seemed that the only full workouts were the ones that you had to pay for each month. I love your workouts and the fact that you are Christian is WONDERFUL! But of I have to keep searching, I end up moving on. A daily full workout would be wonderful!
    Thank you for what you do!

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      Those are harder to do/manage, but I can do circuits in real time and only shoot 1 round, that you could repeat for 3-5 sets. Would that work? The biggest issue is edit, export & upload time. Even the short ones take FOREVER to upload! If you want full 30-40 minute workouts, it’s honestly worth it to get the $9.99/mo subscription to Live Exercise. Of course I’m not making any money telling you that right now, but it is SO much content for practically nothing! For the price of 2 cups of startbucks a month, and you get over 4,000 workouts. It’s SO worth it!! But I’ll keep working on my stuff too!! 🙂

      • Jan Elrod

        Thank you for your reply. I know there is much more that must take place behind the scenes. I may just have to subscribe to the 9.99. Also, would love to know what you do for your actual workout….type (hiit, mostly strength/cardio, weight amount, frequency) you look great and I appreciate your blogs and all you do!

  • Hamenopi

    So glad to see all the success coming your way. You and Steve deserve it.
    One thing I’d love to see is more groundwork mobility exercises. I think it’d be a great way to combat chair muscle fatigue .

    • Bonnie Pfiester

      oooo! that’s a good one for Stevo! I’ll tell him. PS – Excuse all the typos! I just reread it and OMG! I must have been sleep-typing! So tired!!

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