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Day 5: Core and Upper Body Workout

day 5


Finally! It’s your last mission of the week. Yahoo! If you’re feeling a little sluggish, that’s OK – you’ll feel great after you finish today’s workout! Today marks one week down and that much closer to your goal. With that said, don’t you dare throw it all away with poor eating choices over the next two days! If you aren’t careful, one bad meal can erase all your hard work this week – and I don’t know many meals worth that! Stay focused; track those calories; and stick with the program so you can be our next big success story! Now, let’s finish your BCx week with a bang! -Bonnie Ahhhhh . . . You’ve made it to the end of Week 1. You’re a rock star! We’ll focus on the upper body again today. I want you to choose resistances that are challenging but that allow you to finish each repetition with good technique. Take your time with the Core part of this workout, but give it your full attention. Your midsection dictates the size of your jeans, and it also helps determine how much back pain you might experience helping your neighbors move! -Steve

The goal for each circuit is for it to be done with little to no rest. Record your time each workout to track your progress using your tracking sheet. Have a great workout!!

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Core & Upper Body Workout

#1 Warm up: Watch Video

25 Butt-Kix (jog in place where your heels hit your butt)
25 Jax
(repeat 2x)
25 Squats
25 2-Step Heismans
(repeat 2x)
Jump Rope (2 minutes)

BURNT 3: Watch Video
Tools: floor mat, overhead pull up bar
Mission: 5 rounds for time

5 push ups
5 pull ups
5 sit ups
15 (2 Count) Mountain Climber 

BURNT 4: Watch Video
Tools: resistance bands and dumbbells, overhead pull up bar
Mission: 3 rounds for time

15 bent over dumbbell row
15 seated row (resistance band)
15 hang knee-ups (abs)
15 Burpees

BURNT 5: Watch Video
Tools: dumbbells or resistance bands, jump rope
Mission: 3 rounds for time

15 thrusters (squat press)
15 lateral raise
15 Rear delt fly (bent over fly)
1 minute jump rope

ARM-A-GET’N: Watch Video
Tools: dumbbells or resistance bands, jump rope
Mission: 3 rounds for time

12 reps/12 pulses    Standing Bicep Curl (pulses immediately follow reps)
12 reps/12 pulses    Standing Triceps Extension
1 minute jump rope

CORE: Watch Video
Tools: floor mat
3 rounds for time

Start series on one side only
25 Oblique Crunches (Left Side)
25 Pulse Side Planks
Repeat above series on opposite side (Right Side)
25 Side V-ups (Complete on Right & Left Sides)
25 Bicycle Crunches (Slow)
25 Bicycle Crunches (Fast)

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