Girls Chase Boys: A Special Shout Out

102809_MICHAELSON 2-4 LONIt’s a rare occasion that I talk about something other than fitness, health, motivation or food BUT I just HAD to share this crazy cool moment our family had with all of you today.

Last night I discovered indie pop star, Ingrid Michaelson, who sings The Way I Am and Be OK, posted this (about my sister, AnnaLee) on her facebook & twitter pages: “it’s bad when someone covers your song better than you do” after watching my sister’s cover of Ingrid’s new single, Girls Chase Boys, on youtube.

annalee keehnerFirst, I have to say how I impressed I am that an artist would be humble enough to share other talent. Obviously she has a genuine appreciation for music, unlike other musicians who just want to be famous. Second, kudos to her fans, who were incredibly gracious with their compliments of Anna’s talent – when many fans would eat anyone else (other than their beloved star) alive for attempting to sing their precious star’s song. Not Ingrid’s fans. Obviously, they too love music and appreciate talent like Ingrid. And, lastly, a super BIG dose of kudos to my sister, for the amazing job – and always adding so much individuality and personality to original songs. You are truly amazing and talented – and a light in this dark world. Keep on shining girlfriend! LOVE YOU!!

ingrid michaelson

Girls Chase Boys Chase Girls – cover by AnnaLee Keehner


Here is the original music video by Ingrid. Look familiar? It should, it was inpsired by Robert Palmer’s Simply Irresistible from 1988. Watch the original Robert Palmer video here:…


This is one of my favorite songs she does, The Way I Am. 


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