Healthy BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Healthy BBQ Pizza

Since Steve LOVES BBQ flatbread pizzas, I thought I’d work on whipping up a healthy version that would satisfy his tastebuds, and his waistline.

FlatOut Flatbread
1 tbsp Sonny’s Sweet BBQ Sauce
1/4 Onion
4 oz Smoked Chicken
1/8 cup Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

Preset the oven to 350. Place the flatbread on a baking sheet and cook for 4 minutes. While the flatbread is cooking, slice the onion up very finely and caramelize in a frying pan with the balsamic vinegar and pam or a little olive oil (optional). Pull the flatbread out of the oven and top with a thin layer of BBQ sauce, cheese, caramelized onions and diced chicken. Cook 8-10 minutes, or until the flatbread is firm and has crispy edges.


Nutritional Information:

Calories: 372
Carbs: 38.9g
Protein: 33.5g
Fat: 10.5g

More flatbread recipes to come – including the Balsamic Veggie Flatbread (the flatbread pictured on the right). :)


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  1. Christian

    Hi Bonnie! Thanks for sharing your recipe of Healthy-BBQ-Chicken Flatbread. You seem to have hit the right combination of satisfying taste and good health. To top it all, it doesn’t look like it’s that complicated to prepare. Just might try it this week-end.

  2. Kim

    This looks awesome – we have been looking for some good pizza recipes to try lately!!!

  3. deliciousdaydreams

    One of my very favorite pizzas is a BBQ chicken pizza. Perhaps I love it because of the cheese, and perhaps it’s the BBQ sauce. Regardless, this looks quite delicious, and I’d love to give it a whirl. :)

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      I have to admit, Steve would eat cardboard if it had BBQ sauce on it! haha I’m happy to say this tastes WAY better than cardboard though. hahaha

      1. deliciousdaydreams

        Haha well good to know…although I hear cardboard has lots of fiber and is low in calories!

  4. Dennis Mastrolia

    I also see Broccoli in the picture!!!!!!!!

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      that will be my next blog!! :)) one recipe at a time! I’m just trying to build excitement. lol

  5. Dennis Mastrolia

    As I am snow bound and all flights cancelled until FRIDAY I will try this recipe. Thanks, Dennis.

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