Prime Bodyweight Workout

No weights? No problem. This insane workout only uses your own body weight to train your entire body and burn a ton of calories in one short sweatfest. The whole idea is to do this workout as quickly as you can. This means, take as little rest as possible throughout the entire workout. Time yourself for added accountability or race a friend.

prime workoutClick on the exercise to view video demonstration:

6 Total Rounds:

  • 1 x = 1 rep each
  • 2 x = 2 reps each
  • 3 x = 3 reps each
  • 4 x = 5 reps each
  • 5 x = 7 reps each
  • 11 x = 11 reps each



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  3. Kim

    I love body weight moves – can’t wait to do this one!!!

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