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Fitness Motivation: It’s Time to Begin Again

it's not too late to begin againOops you did it again. We all do it again – and again, and again. What do we keep doing? We keep messing up! We all do! We eat right, workout and do all the right things…for a period. Then, BAM! We goof. We fall off the wagon, get sidetracked, get busy, get tired, get frustrated, get lazy.

Joyce Meyer reminded me last week “it’s never too late to begin again”, and boy is she right. It’s better to keep starting over and keep trying over and over, even if you keep failing over and over. Why? Because one of these days you will learn and you’ll start getting it right.

Some begin every January 1st. Some people begin again every Monday. No matter how many beginnings you have, beginning is the start of something fresh and new, no matter how many times you begin. You never really fail as long as you never give up. One of those beginnings WILL be the winning start.

I’ve seen it too many times. People try and try again to lose weight and get fit – and THIS time they succeed.

No matter how much you fell off the wagon this weekend, decide to begin again today!

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