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Fitness Motivation: It’s Time to Take Action

Feel like working outThis week’s topic has been all about getting past how you feel and showing up to do the work – with or without feeling like it. With or without motivation. With or without the energy. With or without the doubts, fears, success, insecurities, and everything else that we LET get in our way. (Key word: LET)

We will never be able to change our body if we let our feelings control our body and not our actions. We will never get fit by feeling like it. We get fit by working on it. Today, I just want you to focus on remembering it’s what we DO that greatly determines how we feel.

If you feel fat and crappy, go for a run, a walk or a workout. That is the only thing that can change how you feel.

If you feel tired, workout and you will notice a boost of energy – and if nothing else, you will sleep better and have more energy the next day. People who skip workouts typically don’t sleep as well, and just wake up tired the next day too.

If you feel discouraged, remember there is nothing more discouraging than not improving and staying in the same yucky spot you don’t want to be in. Not working out means staying where you are – and if you don’t like where you are, then you will continue to stay discouraged.

All in all, just remember it’s our actions that make a difference, not our feelings. We can ignore our feelings for the moment and, eventually, our actions will change the way we feel. πŸ™‚


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