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Fitness Motivation: Redefining Excellence


excellenceWhat is Excellence? Some people may make think it means to be THE best – the best player on the team, the top guy at the office, the record-breaker, the best. Webster defines it as “the state or quality of excelling or being exceptionally good; extreme merit; superiority.” However, I think there is another definition.

I remember being a kid and having a teacher tell me “excellent work”, but I only got a B. What she meant is that was excellent work for me. Personally, I think excellence means being YOUR best – not THE best.

Joyce Meyer described it beautifully, “Excellence is being the best you can be with what you have”. Another words, excellence is giving it your all – despite all your excuses, your limitations, your physical abilities or your financial bracket.

ExcellenceIf you thought any of your excuses got you off the hook, you are so wrong. If you feel you are too overweight to workout, I’ll find someone who weighs more than you that’s getting it done. If you have no funds, I’ll find someone that is working out in their living room with nothing but their body and the carpet floor. If you think you are too old or too crippled, I can show you some of our members with joint replacements, or severe handicaps, who walk with canes and walkers – or they don’t even walk at all. If they can roll in to the club in their wheelchair to lift weights, and even do yoga, so can you. And, this applies to all areas of our life.

SO, next time you think you have an excuse why YOU can’t be excellent and expect excellent things from your life, think again. You can live with excellence by simply doing the best with what you have.

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