Easter 2013: Fit for Eternity

exercise your soulYou know how much I value fitness, and how much I believe we should take care of our body and work to be the very best we can be. That will never change. However, how silly would it be to work so hard to be fit for this world and neglect our soul?

As a fitness professional and a Christian, I cannot help but think of the people who I have helped get in the shape of their life, but missed the opportunity to help them get in shape for eternity. I believe in heaven. If you don’t, I will hopefully continue to help you on your journey to be the most physically fit you can be. However, I will personally still strive to work on both my body and my spirit because I don’t want to just work to better myself for earth, but I want to be ready for heaven – and I know God doesn’t look at my body, He looks at my heart.

Today is a special day. It’s Easter. For me, that has nothing to do with bunnies and everything to do with heaven. God sent his son to die on a cross for me – and for you. He did that because He knew we could never be truly fit for heaven. We needed a Savior, and all we have to do is believe (if only being physically fit were that easy!) I do believe. I believe that with all my heart and today I celebrate. I celebrate a God who loves me despite all my stupid ways. A God who loves me like a father loves his daughter – unconditionally.

If you are spending a lot of time on sculpting your physique and improving your health, that says a lot. It means you care about your future. It is SO easy to focus on what we see in the mirror and forget what lies underneath our skin. I struggle with this daily. It’s not like i look in the mirror and go “Oh my gosh! I’ve GOT to get rid of that envy and pride”. No, I see body fat and physical flaws – but I have more work to do beyond what I see in the mirror.

This Easter, I challenge you to think about eternity and your spiritual fitness. We will never be perfect, but we can always be better.



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  1. Tom Talley

    As a Christian I struggle sometimes being proud of what I have achieved physically and find myself looking in the mirror to check my body. I quickly remember to remain humble and give God the glory for my good health. My body belongs to him. I want to keep it healthy but more importantly I want my character, integrity and personality to reflect the joy inside from His internal transformation to be evident or else I’m just a shell to look at. I find many people in fitness are getting in shape for some other person or perhaps a broken relationship drives them to look better for the dating game. It’s so easy to let pride take over. I love being fit but when I am spiritually fit I am a much better person than I when I am simply physically fit. Thank you for reminding us.

  2. Patrick

    This is a great reminder to us all. Spiritual health is just as important, if not more, than physical health.

  3. Lisa Lindsey Isham

    Love this! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  4. David King

    Thanks Bonnie. Great post.

  5. Kristin

    Thanks Bonnie for these words today! You are an inspiration to me both physically and spiritually!

  6. Renee ricks

    Bonnie, I read your blog religiously. Today I
    am more inspired by your statement than
    ever. I know that Jesus is the Christ! I am thankful for that. Thank you for your words

  7. NeverAPerfectTime

    Reblogged this on Never a Perfect Time and commented:
    My sentiments exactly & said in a perfect way! Thank you pFit!

  8. Michael George

    Wonderful words to live by. I have a lot to be grateful for. On March 19, 2013 I had received my second kidney transplant. My new kidney is doing very well. I will stay fit eternally and stay strong physically. I know that God had risen inside of me.

  9. Tracey Mah-Gillies


  10. valerieward

    My beliefs are different from yours but I love this post. Your light does shine through and I want you to know that. Happy Easter!!!!!

  11. CarliAlice (@CarliAlice)

    Wonderful words, Bonnie! I find it hard to talk about fitness and my faith together and you just did it so beautifully.

  12. Sarah Jane @Fit Betty

    Great post Bonnie! :)

  13. Angela Prather

    Thank you for writing this – so refreshing to tread and so very true!!! I believe this, as well. My body is only on loan to me for so long and I want to be a good steward. As a fellow fitness professional, I already had lots of respect for you….this blog just pushed it over the top!!!

  14. wa4vji

    Well said Bonnie! I hope you have a blessed Easter!


  15. Skip Lord

    Thanks for taking time to post this, Bonnie. What a great reminder.

  16. Mindy Artze

    Beautiful Bonnie! I love this!

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