Workout Like a Dog: Sweat on All Fours

mountain climbersWhether you have an injury or you just want to do some serious core work, there are a TON of exercises that you can do on all fours. Yes, you can truly still workout like a dog! The following exercises combine a cardiovascular exercise with a isometric hold exercise. You’ll never breathe so heavy and feel muscle burn doing nothing. OK, you are doing SOMETHING – you are trying not to let your body fall to the floor, but for staying still, these exercises will kick your butt. Modify exercises by moving from hands to your elbows if needed.

Grab your Gymboss Interval Timer, and set it for 30 seconds ON and 30 Seconds off. Do each each exercise in each couplet back to back with no rest. Take no more than 15 seconds rest between couplets. During the ACTION exercise, perform each rep as fast as you possibly can, as if racing. During the HOLD exercise, do everything you can to maintain good form, without letting your knees hit the ground. After the warm-up, repeat the workout 2 times for beginners, 4 times for advanced. If you want to pump it up even more, go for a full 1 minute for each exercise or drop the 15 seconds rest. Let me know how you do by commenting below. :)

Ever wonder what muscles are working when you are in plank? Here’s a cool illustration to show the muscles engaged. Now, get ready to workout your entire core – chest, back, shoulders, abs and obliques – and not to mention your heart and lunges! Prepare to SWEAT!


Cardio & Core on the Floor

TIP: Click on the exercise to see video demonstrations.

Warm Up:
Hop Over
3 Times

ACTION: Plank Jax
HOLD: Plank (preferably on hands. Elbows is a mod)

ACTION: Mountain Climber
HOLD: Two-point Bridge (hold each side for 5 seconds, 10 seconds for advanced)

ACTION: Surfers
HOLD: Plank Up-down

ACTION: Rotational Push-ups
HOLD: Side Plank (Right, next round do Left)

ACTION: Squat Thrusts
HOLD: Pulse Side Plank (Right, next round do Left)

Workout Graphic:

sweat on all fours

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  9. bronwynschroeder

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  10. Dennis Mastrolia

    Bonnie: Is this workout done 1x and then repeated for a total of 3x–or is it 3x each? I think it’s 1x each exercise-repeated 3x.Right? Thanks–dennis

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      The warm up is 3x, then the rest is done one time through in order (and can be repeated if you want). Let me know how it goes!

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