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The Truth Behind a Crappy Workout

Crappy WorkoutHow many times have you left the gym feeling discouraged? Whether it was because your workout got interrupted fifty times, or you were lacking the energy you needed to hit it hard, it’s easy to forget you did something truly amazing – you showed up.

We all tend to focus on abilities, power, strength and performance, and forget that a bad day in the gym is still better than most people’s average day. There will always be someone faster, stronger, more powerful and more athletic, but most people’s weakness is not how they perform once they get to the gym – their weakness is not getting to the gym at all.

You strive to live healthy, lift strong and train hard, but you can’t forget the commitment you’ve made to keep showing up. Every day you show up, whether your workout is good, bad or ugly, you should celebrate because you followed through – and that requires a strength of it’s own. (love this pic from Patty’s page, Reach-YourPeak.com). Everyone who finishes their workout should get two thumbs up!

workout done

While your performance may determine the pace of your progress, your consistency is the most powerful component of your workout program.

It takes discipline to wake up an hour early so you can run before you get the kids up. It takes determination to go to the gym even after a long hard day at on the job. It takes willpower to look past the pizza everyone else is eating and focus on the prize. Even on your weakest day in the gym, you are strong as an ox.

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