Raise the Bar Mix & Match Workout

Raise the Bar WorkoutDesigner Whey has launched a fun new promotion called “Raise the Bar” Mix & Match Workout – and a chance to win a free box of Designer Whey protein bars (which are super yummy by the way!)

Steve and I designed these cool mix and match workouts you can do at home or the gym. Each week we give you 3 categories, each with 3 exercises to choose from. You do those 3 exercises as directed for your own customized mini-workout! Mix it up and do it again throughout the week.

This week’s Mix & Match Workout is Cardio Blast. Check it out, try it out – and Share your own customized workout for a chance to win! Like Designer Whey to get all four workouts!

Designer Whey makes fitness fun, and winning easy!   DO THE WORKOUT!

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