3 Easy Ways to Ramp Up Your Workout

The difference between a good butt workout and a GREAT butt workout are in the small details.

Butt Blasting Tips1. TIME: The less you rest, the more difficult the workout will be. Take little to no rest between exercises to completely fatigue the muscle.

2. WEIGHT: When doing lunges, step-ups and single-leg workouts, put all your weight on the working leg. Many people will shift their weight on the opposing foot to give the working leg a rest. Or, they will step up, and then step their weight down. To amp your workout up, using step-ups for example, only tap the back foot on the ground instead of shifting your weight back on the ground. You will feel a noticeable difference just focusing your weight on the working leg without even trying a new exercise.

3. ROM: ROM stands for Range Of Motion. If you want to really work those glutes, it’s important to squat and lunge as deep as your knees will allow. The deeper your squats are, the more you’ll work the glutes, hamstrings and inner thigh.

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  4. sibelsavci

    Reblogged this on The challenge to get slimmer AND healthy.

  5. Jessie

    I never took into consideration the importance of rest time between sets. I am going to start lowering my rest time to increase my results. Thank you for the advice.

  6. Bonnie Pfiester

    HOT BUNS!! hahaha

  7. Strong By Choice

    Good Morning Bonnie. I never consider “tapping the foot” for step-ups. This is an excellent idea because I am use to using the supporting foot to come down “as quiet as a cat.” Thank you for this suggestion. :)

    1. Bonnie Pfiester

      awesome! It totally changes the intensity when you keep all that weight on that front foot. Your booty will be on FIRE!!! ha! ;)

      1. Strong By Choice

        Fire booty may be dangerous! LOL

      2. Strong By Choice

        P.S. If you really what your glutes on fire, do the Anterior Reach Lunge demonstrated by Nick Tumminello on YouTube. Now THAT will make you hate life. LOL

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