Fitness Vlogger’s Must-Have Techno Toy

GOING GEEK – Just in time for Christmas!

Fitness vloggers typically have their struggles. With often times no one to tape you, you end up with less than quality content to say the least. Volume stinks because you are too far away, or face down talking to the ground instead of the camera doing pushups. You are too small because you need your whole body in frame so you can show exercises without going out of frame. You are seen walking on and off camera because you have to hit record yourself. All of these things can be avoided with one simple toy called the Swivl.

The Swivl is a must-have gadget for the fitness vlogger and youtuber. It’s like having a friend with you all the time, ready to follow you around where ever you go – and you don’t have to feed him or buy him a Christmas Gift! Check out this Swivlicious gadget dying to meet YOUR iphone!

NOTE: Since I taped this using the “face time” front camera, the screen dimensions are old school square. Use the rear iPhone camera lens for a better quality video with a wide screen.

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Video Making Tips:

1. Keep light in FRONT of you.

2. Avoid glare or haze by keeping a CLEAN LENS and light in front (side light causes a bad haze)

3. Stay CLOSE! No teeny people! People want to see your face – warts and all! 🙂

4. SPEAK UP! I know it feels weird, but speak loudly and pronounce your words clearly.

5. ZIP IT! 🙂 Don’t over explain. Especially with exercises, don’t tell people what you are doing – SHOW them. Lengthy explanations will lose your viewer.

6. KEEP IT SHORT. Short videos are more likely to be watched.

7. GIVE ‘EM A GOOD HOOK! Make the first 15 seconds exciting to hook them into watching the rest. Don’t hope they will hang in there through a boring intro to get to the good stuff. Make if fun and interesting from the start!! Remember, with exercises, you can talk while you are exercising and will have plenty of time to give more details and tips.

8. BE REGULAR: I’m preachin’ to myself here. It’s hard to keep up with it sometimes, but people want to tune into someone they can count on. Keep videos fresh to keep subscribers coming.

9. CLEAN IT UP: Although people want you to be real, don’t have it so real that you are taping yourself in the middle of a pig pen. Keep the back drop as clean and clutter-free as possible. Even if your home or workplace is clean, if you have a busy background, it is distracting. You want all eyes on YOU – not your cat, kid, laundry or TV. 🙂

10. HAVE FUN! Don’t take these things so serious. Serious is boring! Even if you are fitness professional, if you are doing video, you are in the entertainment business. You can’t help anyone if you can’t get them to listen. Have fun so they can have fun!

Hope the helped!! Merry Christmas – I hope the Swivl is waiting for you under YOUR tree!!

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