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Fit Tip: Fear of Failure is Fuel for Success

We all are motivated by something. Our kids, our looks, our health, or improving at a sport can motivate us to keep showing up day after day. But for some, what motivates us the most is our hatred for failure.

No one likes failing, but we fail all the time. The only difference is most people don’t notice. We fail in our marriage, we fail at work, we fail as a parent or friend. We constantly experience small failures day after day. BUT, when you fail in diet and fitness it shows. A smoker can sneak a cigarette without anyone seeing. An alcoholic can hit the bottle without anyone having the first clue. However, if you are supposed to be losing weight but you are still overeating, it doesn’t matter if you are eating in your closet – it will show.

SO, use that fact to make you MAD! Use it to make you realize you can’t fail without everyone knowing it. Use your fear of failure as FUEL to keep you on track. Don’t give your enemies the pleasure of seeing you fail. Don’t let your coworkers tease you about your 50th attempt to diet or workout.

BE the person others hope to be. BE the example. BE the disciplined one. BE the man or woman you want to become. BE the success story.

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