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Soup is Fit Food

Like Campbell’s always says “Soup is Good Food”

When I want to feel full but I don’t want a lot of calories, I make a bowl of soup!

It’s Getting Hot In Here
You may be thinking it’s too hot for soup during this time of year. Well, I’m not sure about your house, but my thermostat is programmed to stay at the same temperature all year round – so anytime is soup time at the Pfiester pad – especially if you are married to Steve Pfiester, who likes to freeze me to death in the heat of summer! But if your house is hot, there is always gazpacho!

5 Reasons Why Soup is Good Fitness Food

1. Soup takes a while to eat. Unlike a sandwich, which you can down in 5 minutes, soup takes time to sip on, since you can only fit so much of the hot stuff in one spoonful. The longer it takes to eat a meal, the more satisfying the meal will be to both your tongue and your tummy.

2. Soup is a healthy way to get your vegetables. If you’re like me, and like to make your own soup, you can add all your favorite vegetables in one delicious meal. Plus, it’s an easy way to get just the right amount of pasta or rice for a taste of yummy carbs without the typical high-volume portions.

3. Soup is a great way to eat meat. Meat can sometimes be tasteless and get dry, unless you doctor it up with oil and marinades. However, meat in soup can be low in calories, as well as tender and full of flavor. This makes it much more palatable even to non-meat lovers.

4. Soup is a great way to use leftovers. Instead of throwing out the last little bit of rice or meat, throw it in a pot and make some soup. If you don’t know what type of soup to make, simply do a google search for the list of items you have and the word “soup” and see what google comes up with.

5. Broth based soups are low in calories but very filling. My favorite thing about soup is how filling it is. Since the soups I eat are broth based, the same amount of volume I’d normally eat in solid food gets diluted with water – giving me the same full feeling with less solid food and fewer calories.

6 Low-Cal Soup Tips:

1. Limit white foods like rice and potatoes.
2. Make soup hearty with low-calorie vegetables like cabbage, stewed tomatoes, celery, carrots, collards, edamame, green beans, okra, and spinach.
3. Trickle in higher-calories veggies like beans, corn or peas for added flavor without a ton of calories.
4. Load up on meat to make the soup filling without having a heap of carbs and calories. 
5. Spice it up with hot sauce, lime juice, vinegar, salsa and seasonings to get a boost in flavor without the boost on the booty.
6. Say no to bad fat. If you recipe calls for fatty meat, butter, cream or oil, modify it! Use a lean meat and broth instead – and trade bad fat for quality healthy fat like a touch of olive oil or a few slices of avocado on top.

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Check out the recipe for Chunky Mexican Soup from the BisayanQueen as seen in above photo.

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    • Bonnie Pfiester

      Check out the above link for that Mexican one – and just modify it to be leaner. I never follow recipes. My mom taught me how to make soup out of anything and I go by taste. I just mix veggies with either a leftover roast or chicken and add a can or two of vegetable soup for flavor and add stewed tomatoes and a little vinegar and/or hot sauce. That’s one of my go-tos. I also do a white chicken chili with crock-pot cooked chicken, white beans, cumin, lots of lemon juice, corn, a few more seasonings. I think I just enjoy the creation part. 🙂

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