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Bodylastics Exercise Bands: Product Review & Comparison

People waste WAY too much money on fitness gadgets that don’t work.
There is a TON of junky fitness equipment and I feel it’s my duty to share good equipment when I find it. As a fitness professional, trainer, gym owner and fitness columnist, this is my personal experience with Bodylastics bands and how I feel they compare to other competitors. In a nutshell: They don’t compare – they dominate.

Cheesy Bands vs. Bodylastics
Exercise bands have been around for many years. If you’ve ever taken an aerobics class, you’ve likely used them yourself. However, I cannot even compare Bodylastics to the cheesy bands (pictured left) you typically see at most health clubs – as that would be like comparing a Cadillac to a bicycle just because they both have wheels. YES, they both have a rubber band tube with handles BUT if you were to hold one of the traditional bands in one hand and Bodylastics in the other, you’d immediately notice a difference. 

Generic Tubing vs Bodylastics Tubing
As a health club owner I’ve had to replace many of the generic bands for aerobics classes. (Now we only use Bodylastics) The old bands were flimsy and they’d snap when overstretched. Bodylastics are so confident in their technology, they offer a lifetime warrantee. Need I say more? Well, yes actually, I do need to say more because their tubing is JUST that cool. Bodylastics not only has a better quality of tubing with a lifetime warrantee, but the tubing uses DGS Technology, featuring a governor in the middle of the each band to prevent over-stretching and breakage. This is very comforting to me, as it would hurt like heck to have a band snap in the middle of an exercise.

Color vs Weight

Bodylastics come in many different resistances. You may think “so what, they all do”, but not like Bodylastics. Most of the generic bands come in yellow, green and red – yellow being the easiest and red being the hardest. What the heck is yellow equivalent to in pounds though? Although Bodylastics also uses different color bands to help differentiate between different resistances, they went a step further. Bodylastics tested and documented the resistance for each band so you know the resistance you are using in pounds.

“But wait! There’s More!
Sorry, I had to say it! I know I sound like an infomercial but, in all seriousness, these bands have a lot more to offer than it appears at first glance. Notice the band is missing something in the photo? Yep, it’s missing the handle. “Why?” you ask. I’m so happy to tell you! This is probably the coolest feature of these bands –Bodylastics offer the ability to complete customize your bands for your personal strength and specific exercise. Each set of bands comes with a separate handles and ankle straps that clip on and off the bands. 

“But that’s not all!”
Ha! There I go again! It’s not just the fact you can take off a handle and put on a velcro strap to work your thighs that’s so cool – HERE is the coolest part of the unique clip device the Bodylastics bands offer. Bodylastics allow you to customize your resistance by clipping in more than one band. Genius right?!

Clip all the bands to one set of handles and you get 88 POUNDS of resistance for heavy lifting. They even have a MMA Edition that offers 338 POUNDS of total resistance for the tough guys like MMA Fighter, Rashad Evans, and his trainer, Mike van Arsdale AND a Warrior Edition set in all camo colors with over 260lbs in resistance!. Although I’ve not personally used that much weight, I’ve put 2 bands together to customize my resistance to fit my needs and enjoyed interchanging bands and handles, as well as looping the bands through their Anywhere Anchor to fence posts or small trees, to get even more action out of the bands!

Home or Gym
Of course Bodylastics make perfect sense for people who travel or workout at home, but we liked Bodylastics so much we now use them in our BCx Boot Camp program at our Vero Beach, Max Fitness Club. We use the orange bands in place of TRX straps (which costs 4 TIMES the cost of the Bodylastics Basic Tension set by the way) for many of the same TRX type suspension exercises as the slight bounce in the bands forces you to even use more core strength and balance. Bodylastics bands are also great for doing assisted pull-ups, acting as your own spotter. With the door anchor provided in each set, you can hook the bands to any door and do many pulling and pushing exercises you can’t get with traditional bands like Lat Pull Downs, Chest Press, Flies and Lat Row to name a few.

Bodylastics in BCx Boot Camp:

“All This for One Low Price”
I forgot to mention the low price! You can get a complete set of Basic Tension (97lbs) bands starting at only $45.95. You couldn’t buy 97lbs of free weights for that! If you want more, you can get more, as Bodylastics offers a variety of different sets that include DVDs and accessories for a total home-gym experience. I’m telling you – THIS is DEFINITELY the least expensive way to start a home gym or to enhance your workouts at a health club. This is also a great investment for Personal Trainers, as it travels well, it’s versatile and helpful in even the busiest gyms. You just can’t beat it – period.

“Don’t Change That Channel!”
I’m serious! Don’t quit reading because the deal keeps getting sweeter. Bodylastics could have just stopped with making killer bands but they decided to take a huge LEAP forward by supplying their customers with eduction, guidance and support by offering an online community and exercise channel called In my experience, it’s not just great equipment that gets results – it’ knowing HOW to use that equipment that really gets the results and Bodylastics makes sure you get all the help you need. Steve and I liked the concept so much Steve joined their team of trainers and now leads some of the online workouts. The LIVE exercise channel offers strength workouts, pilates, kickboxing, plyometrics and cardio, sports conditioning, MMA training and abdominal shows to help whip you into shape.

One Last Look:
Here are photos of Bodylastics bands in comparison to other competitors.  In every photo, Bodylastics uses more durable components, larger clips with a better clipping mechanism, nicer handles and more comfortable cushioned ankles straps.

CLICK HERE to get more information on Bodylastics equipment and Live Shows.

Owner of Lift Vero and motivational "pfitness, pfood and pfaith" blogger in Vero Beach, Florida.


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  • Sarah

    Thanks for sharing so much about Bodylastics. My husband found them last year when he needed an alternative to the gym. He ended up with a longer commute to work and was getting home from the gym at the kids’ bedtime. He hated not being able to spend time with the kids but was not willing to give in to a sedentary lifestyle. Once a bodybuilder and power lifter, now a runner and still a lifter, fitness is ingrained in his DNA! He doesn’t miss a Chiseled or 8-Pack show. He really enjoyed the MMA show Steve did too.
    I on the other hand was active on and off. This gives me consistency. I really like the Chiseled Cardio and Kickboxing. I feel like I’m getting a good burn plus strength training all in one.
    Finally, I wanted to be able to be part of my husband’s passion – fitness. In Philippians it says we should be “like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.” Bodylastics and Liveexercise gave me that opportunity (the tools) – to be “like-minded” and “one in purpose” with my husband. Blake often jokes about his marriage on Chiseled, but he’s done a great job uniting my marriage. 🙂 Thanks for listening and for the awesome Blogs!

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