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Fitness: 4 Tips to Reap the Reward

In a recent Bible Study, Calvary Chapel Pastor Jim Gallagher was talking about the process of reaping what you sow, referencing Galatians 6:7. “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap”. This scripture encompasses everything we do – including fitness.

I was reminded we are a product of how we live each day. What really hit home for me was when Jim reminded us of the actual process of producing a harvest. This process would be very long and grueling.

Most of us are not farmers and haven’t even thought of the work that’s involved in producing a harvest, but I think if we reflect on what it takes to produce a crop we may look at fitness differently.

1. Prepare 
Let’s start with preparing the soil. In the world of fitness, we could look at this step as preparing the mind. Before you can begin to tackle diet and fitness goals, you need to be mentally ready. It took my mom 3 months of journaling and soul-searching before she could fully commit to the changes she wanted to make in her life.

2. Plan
Once the soil is ready it’s time to sew the seed. Before you sew the seed, you must decide what you want to produce. Do you live in a climate to produce the crop of choice? All these things matter before you can even put one seed in the ground. 

Before you can decide to sew fitness, you have to look at your goal first. Do you want to lose weight or build muscle?  There are different types of exercises for different goals. You also have to assess your environment and decide what is realistic.

3. Work
Once you plant the seed, the work doesn’t end. Let’s look at grapes. Workers must tend to the vine once it begins to grow. Not only does the plant need plenty of water, but the branches require care. Withering branches must be cut from the vine. As the fruit weighs heavy on the vine, the vines must be raised up so the fruit doesn’t touch the ground and rot.

This is a great example of how we should treat our fitness program. We must douse ourselves in knowledge so we can grow. We may also have to cut things, or even people, out of our lives. Just like the caretaker lifts up the fruit and supports it’s branches, we too must get the support we need and be careful to protect our fruits of labor.

4. Wait
Lastly, you must be patient. This is definitely not easy. It can take two to three years to produce grapes ready for selling or wine making. We often forget that making healthy changes takes time. We expect instant, unrealistic results.

Is it easy? No! It’s hard to do the work when you are not able to enjoy the fruits of your labor yet – but “Yet” is the magic word. If you are ready to make a serious change in your life and you are ready to sew to a new healthier you, get to work and don’t take your eye of your harvest. You will reap what you sow – and it will be a harvest like no other!

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