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Tips to Dining on a Diet

When we decide to make large purchases, most of us shop around before making a final decision. We spend time getting a little education on various makes and models, as well as compare cost and quality. Once we are satisfied with the information we collect, we can be confident in making our final decision.

What if we treated our diet the same way? Much like dining out, we already know which dealerships are most likely to fit our budget and tastes.  If we can’t afford a Cadillac, we have no business taking a test drive yet we put ourselves in the same predicament everyday when we eat out.

We often find ourselves at restaurants riddled with high-calorie menu items, ordering blindly off the menu, and wondering why we can’t lose weight. The answer is simple – you aren’t doing the proper research.

In the information age, there are no more excuses. These days, all you have to do is Google the name of the restaurant and calories to find a slew of nutritional information for the restaurant you are visiting. Many calorie-counting sites feature popular restaurant menu items.

In addition, there are several phone apps with restaurant nutritional information you can access on the go. There are even apps just for your favorite restaurants like Panera, Starbucks, Subway and McDonald’s Nutritional Calculator apps.

One might think making a healthy guess would be easy, but I’m constantly surprised to discover the number of calories packed in healthy-looking menu items. Sometimes, meals that look the healthiest, like salads, have more calories than regular menu items. There’s really no way to succeed on a diet when you guess your way around a menu.

If you are trying to lose weight, it is time you begin treating your diet like you treat your bank account. Do the proper research, set a budget, weigh the costs and never make decisions blindly.

Tips to Dining on a Diet:

1. Research menu items from your favorite restaurants.

2. Note low-calorie choices from restaurants you frequent.

3. Before dining out, decide what you will order before you go to the restaurant.

4. Don’t even look at the menu. You’ll only be tempted to change your mind.

5. Cut high-calorie meals in half by putting half your meal in a to-go box.

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