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Exercise Can Increase Appetite

I was talking with a woman just the other day about her exercise and diet routine. She shared with me how much she worked out and how she just couldn’t lose the weight despite her increased activity. It sparked a question. How can someone exercise more and not drop the pounds?

There are a couple of reasons why this could happen. One reason, which I have touched on in the past, is people may be gaining lean muscle tissue and losing body fat. Since lean muscle weighs more than fat, it could explain why the scale might not reflect the progress in the initial stages of weight loss.

The other possibility, and often times the real reason the scale hasn’t budged, is exercise often increases the appetite to the point where people unintentionally increase their intake making up for the calories lost in exercise.

It makes sense. If exercise increases the metabolism, which makes you burn more calories, then it would stand to reason why someone may become hungry more often.

Here are a few tips on how to make manage your new metabolism.

  1. Track your calories. If you aren’t losing weight, then you are taking in as many calories as you are burning. A diet diary will help you find the missing calories.
  1. Become a better snacker. You don’t necessarily need to eat a full meal every time you get a hunger pain. Always have a healthy low-calorie snack on hand.
  1. Practice limitations. Unfortunately, if someone has not practiced limitations in the past they may find it extremely difficult to manage new hunger pains. Dieters must practice limitations with every snack and meal.
  1. Continue to eat often. You must eat every 3-4 hours in order to keep your metabolism going. Eat small snacks and meals often as you can, continuing to track your overall caloric intake.
  1. Realize hunger is your friend. If you find you are hungry more often, most likely, it means your metabolism has sped up. Embrace it, celebrate it and realize this means you are really burning through some serious calories! Of course the goal isn’t to STAY hungry. If you eat the right foods you shouldn’t stay hungry all the time, but just may need to eat more often.

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