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Post-Christmas Calorie Eraser

If you ate like I did on Christmas, you may be in need for a really good calorie-scorcher like this one. Do it for as many rounds as you want (depending on just how many calories you want to erase! ha!). Then, when you are done, do a few for me!!! Post Christmas Calorie Eraser …

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Stop-N-Go Full Body Workout

Here was one of the circuits we did on the LiveXfit show on LiveExercise.com, available online and on Roku. If you like this workout, or the sample workout they offer on the site, sign up for a free 2 week trial! they have thousands of different shows to choose from for super cheap if you decide you …

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2 Biggest Fitness & Diet Mistakes

#1 INSANITY – The first big mistake is doing what Albert Einstein defines as insanity – Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” As ridiculous as this may seem, people do it all the time. They workout for YEARS with absolutely no change. I understand this problem because many people …

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Brutal Boot Camp Workout

If you want to get your heart racing, lunges puffing, muscles pumping and body toning – this workout is for YOU! Here is the written workout, if you like to have text to refer to – or follow along in the video at the bottom of the page!! You will be one sweaty mess after …

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The Kick-My-Butt Boot Camp Workout

If I was prideful, I would keep this video under lock and key, and never EVER let this workout get out. HOWEVER, I believe it’s super important to share because I believe too many people think that fitness professionals are a little super human. While there are a few true fitness freaks out there – …

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FUNctional Workout

Tools: Kettlebell, barbell, battle ropes & wall ball. Warm Up: 1 Mile Run Calisthenics: 20 seconds of intense exercise, followed by 40 seconds of moderate exercise. :20 Football Stomps :40 Push Ups :20 Tuck Jumps :40 Mountain Climbers :60 rest X 3 Functional Training Workout 30 seconds of each exercise :30 Kettlebell Swings :30 Wall Ball Burpee :30 second rest …

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No More Boring Treadmill Workouts!

Move your clothes! Dust off the controls! It’s time to actually USE your treadmill – and use it like you’ve never used it before! It seems like it was yesterday that I did this insane workout in our living room, as a guinea pig for Steve’s upcoming treadmill workout video called BCx Treadz. Let me tell …

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LEGelicious Workout

Here was my workout yesterday. It was a great workout – left me dripping in sweat and feeling great! Of course I would have said I hated it when I was actually doing it, but that’s how I knew it was going to be good! lol Enjoy! •  15 Barbell Overhead Squat •  15 Plyo Box …

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No More Crappy Workouts: 5 Rules to Train By

Many people show up to the gym day after day to go through the same old routine that never changes their body. What baffles me is why anyone would KEEP showing up if they aren’t getting results or change. Is it because they don’t really have goals? Is it because they  don’t realize their potential? …

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The Bikini Butt Lifter Workout

Kim Gerhardt recommended a butt firming & upper leg firming to “lift” sagging muscles and skin – and she’s not the only one wanting to boost her bottom. The glutes and thighs are on the top of the list for most women. I don’t think we could ever have too many butt workouts out there for …

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