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Shop Online: 10 Sites for Great Fit Gifts

Yesterday, I wrote a blog on 10 tips to save more time for Christmas. One of those tips was shopping online. Shopping online can save you SO much time – BUT you have to do it NOW!! Procrastinators will not be able to have that option because they’ll miss shipping deadlines. However, if you start shopping now, you can get really cool gifts, saving time and money!

If you shop online, you cut out travel time and the cost of gas. No fighting traffic or crowds. You don’t have to take an hour getting ready and presentable for shopping. You don’t have to go store to store trying to find the best deal. And, your gift will be way more personal and special! It’s a no-brainer!

Here are some fun places I am shopping this year.

Great Fit Gifts Your Friends Will Love


You can customize your keychain or jewelry with charms that best fit your fit friend. (COST: $7.99+)



I love this idea!! One of our members has one similar to this and I want one too!! It holds your phone, keys and another pocket for gym, gym card, supplements or whatever else you need to carry! (COST: $32.09)

Holistic Home Diffuser


I got this for Steve last year and he LOVED it – both how it feels and looked! Most fit peeps love their water bottles and coffee mugs! (COST:  $19.99)

walgreens photo mug


Fitness shirts with secret message on it that appears after you sweat. You can even customize a shirt for a group! I just got a few new shirts from them including the one that says “burpees don’t like you either” LOL!  (COST: $26.99)



Jennifer Aniston gave a custom yoga mat to Oprah with her dogs on it. It’s a little pricey but WAY cool! ($89.99)



You can find such fun specialty handmade gifts of Etsy. Check it out! ($21.90)

fitness coffee cup


Modify Watches lets you create your own watch or buy one of their designs. They will be launching my fitness motivation store soon! Can’t wait! Then you can get motivated every time you look at your watch! ($35 for the face + $15 for your choice of band)

just show up


This is actually something I have wanted for a long time. I love aromatherapy, and filling the air with a nice fresh scent. Before I got this, I relied on candles and sprays – but I often forget to blow candles out and let’s not even talk about the chemicals in sprays. This is an awesome gift for any health conscience person who wants a safer way to fragrance the home. ($34.95)

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.28.43 PM


Qalo makes awesome silicone wedding rings so you can show your commitment and love for your spouse but still workout comfortably. (COST: $19.99)


 #10 RT Pressure Balls

Every fit friend will have aches and pains, so this is a great gift for anyone. They can use the ball by itself or connected to the Pressure Point to relieve tight muscles like never before. There is so many ways you can use this, you might even end up getting one for a friend and one for yourself! lol (COST: $17.95)






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